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What are Grub Screws?

Grub Screws, also called Set Screws, are a type of fixing screw that’s most often used to join one component or part securely to another. designed and manufactured without a protruding head, which allows them to be driven fully into pre-drilled holes. The lack of a head on a Grub Screw allows for the entire length of the shaft to be threaded, maximizing thread engagement.

Grub screws effectively function much the same as a bolt in practice. Because they’re fully threaded and designed to be driven into an existing tapped hole or socket – rather than driven into the surface, creating a new hole. the difference is that grub screws do need nuts while bolts normally come with nuts.

What are grub screws used for

There are many kinds of screws on the market. Different types have different usage ranges, prices, and sizes. So where are the set screws used?

It is generally used in the relative position between the two parts and has the same fixing effect as the positioning pin. Before use, the front end of the set screw should be rotated into the inner screw hole of the part to be fixed, and the end of the set screw should be pressed against the surface of the other part so that the first part can be fixed. on the second mechanism. In order to ensure the fixing effect, it is recommended that you must choose to use high-quality set screws for installation and must be constructed according to the correct installation method, so as to avoid problems.

What Do We Know Before Using Set Screws

There are many kinds of set screws on the market, and the types are different. There are also great differences in the usage, construction method, pressure, price, service life, etc. If it is a hexagon socket set screw or a slotted set screw, it can only be used for installation in situations where the screw cannot be exposed. If the square head set screw is used, it can be used in the situation where the nail head is allowed to be exposed.

If the type of fastening screw is different, the pressing force will also be different. Generally, the pressing force of the square head set screw is the largest, while the pressing force of the slotted set screw is the smallest, and the hexagonal set screw has the smallest pressing force. The compression force of the screw is moderate.

If the bog point set screws, it can only be used for installation on parts with less strength. If the set screw is not equipped with a tapered end, it can only be used for installation on machines with holes on the surface. parts, so that the ability of the screw to transmit the load is increased.

Grub Screws Types

Grub Screws are available in two different drive types: Socket and Slotted drives which are the most common drive types for this type of component. Torx drives can be manufactured on request for maximum torque transmission and security.Types includes Hex Grub Screws,Nylon Grub Screws,Brass Grub Screws, Dog Point and more

Dimensions and Sizes

MonPdp maxdp mine mins maxs mint minz maxz min
M1.60.350.80.55 0.809 0.7240.710.70.650.4

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