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Types and Characteristic Of Copper Screws

As a material for the production of screw fasteners, copper has the unique characteristic of good electrical conductivity. It also has properties such as corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and ductility. Although the mechanical properties of steel such as tensile strength are inferior to steel materials, there are also various alloys of copper that have become the production materials for many screws. Because of its superior electrical conductivity, copper screws are mostly used in electrical switches and socket switches.

Copper screws can be divided into bronze, brass, cupronickel, and tellurium copper, and the characteristics and appearance colors of each material are somewhat different.

Brass is the only alloy other than gold that has a golden luster of copper and zinc. It has the characteristics of bright color, superior luster performance, non-magnetic, easy to weld, etc. Brass is divided into different types according to the non-toxic ratio of copper and zinc metals; 59 copper, 65 copper, 68 copper, 70 copper, and other different types, of which 59 copper is more widely used, while the color of 65 copper screws is the yellow closest to gold. As the zinc element in the copper screw continues to increase, the color will gradually become lighter. The color of the copper screws will also change, gradually becoming reddish. Some high-grade gold products mostly use 65 copper screws.

Bronze, bronze is an alloy material of copper and tin and also includes zinc, nickel, phosphorus, and other alloys

White copper is a kind of high-purity copper that does not contain oxides with a purity of 99.99%, that is, oxygen-free copper also called red copper (C1020). The screws produced by this copper alloy are mainly used for high-end home furnishing and high-end gold products

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