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What are Eyeglasses Screws?

Eyeglasses screws also as know spectacle screws which are small screws used to fix glasses frames, they are also precision screws. In the glass industry, In the glasses industry, there are four classification methods for screws:According to the purpose of the screw, it is divided into hinge screw, clip screw, pedestal screw, and thread screw.According to the shape of the screw head, it is divided into flat head screw, round head screw, headless screw, and hexagon screw.For the groove type of the screw head, it is divided into slotted screw, Phillips screw, and slotless screw.According to the difference of screw thread, it is divided into: half thread screw, full thread screw, and self-tapping screw

Eyeglasses Screws

Types of Glasses screws

Hinged screws: Screws that hold the temple fixed to the frame front: with the help of a hinge, the screw gives mobility to the temples, joining the two parts of the hinge Screws used for hinge assembly, the main features of this kind of screw are flat heads and half thread.

Clamp screw: Used to lock the jaws, this kind of screw is a flat head full thread, which is the same as the hinge screw except for the full thread.

Stipule screws: Most of these screws are self-tapping screws used to lock the stipules. Generally made of stainless steel, there are two sizes M1.0 and M1.2.

Threaded ends that secure the temples or nose bridge directly into the lens: in the case of frameless eyeglasses (rimless eyeglasses), the dwelling for the screw is made directly into the lens. The features are big head with full thread,dia is 2.3-2.8mm

The requirements of screws for sunglasses are high, the surface should be beautiful, and its characteristics and performance should be the best. Also, the most important is that the control of tolerance is very strict, and the tolerance is within the range of 0.05mm. since it is precision screws

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Eyeglasses Screws

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