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What is Hex Bolt?

Hex Bolts are bolts with external threading and a hex head made to be driven by a wrench. Hex bolts may be partially threaded or fully threaded, and are available in hex cap (partially threaded after a certain length) and hex tap (always fully threaded). It needs to satisfy certain resistances as explained under ASME B18.2.1-1996. Hex cap bolts are frequently made use of in OEM applications where accurate resistances are required. One of the most usual hex bolt specs consists of ASTM A449 and also SAE J429 Grade-2, Grade-5, as well as Grade-8.

Hex bolts are often specified when the mechanical properties are more important than dimensional tolerances, like the construction industry

What is Hex Socket Head Screw?

Hexagon socket head cap screws (cap screws) Screws with a hexagonal opening on a round head that’s attached with a hex wrench. Although they are likewise called cap screws or socket screws, one of the most usual names is “hexagon socket head cap screw” as well as “cap screw”. They are normally offered black oxide coating.

Hex socket screws are normally used to fasten wood to wood, or metal to wood.

hex socket cup screws
hex socket cup screws

Hex Bolt Vs Hex Socket Head Screw

Screws are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life, ranging from the use of digital cameras, myopia glasses, clocks, electronic equipment, etc., to the application of engineering projects, engineering buildings, highways, and bridges. Therefore, there are many types of screws. Hexagon screws are used relatively frequently because of their simplicity, convenience, and practical operation. But hexagon screws are also divided into Hex socket cup screws and hex bolts, so what is the difference between them?

From the appearance: the screw head of the hexagon socket screw is round on the outside, the middle hole is a hexagon. The hexagon socket screwdriver looks like a “7”, and the hexagon bolt is the most commonly seen bolt head. Hexagon bolt with hexagons head.

The different tools: The two types of screws are assembled and disassembled with different tools. The same material and the same thread have the same bearing capacity. The key is to use the specified conditions of the screw head according to the installation position. for example, In the area where must use hex head screws, then it is much more convenient to use the hexagon socket head screw than hex bolt to tighten, but the depth of the countersunk hole that must accommodate the screw head is much larger, and a special socket head wrench must be used. therefore, the use of a hexagon head or hexagon socket head should be selected according to the actual situation.

The hexagon socket cup screw takes up much less space. and can be installed in a deeper position during installation, and the hexagon bolt installation (including tightening) must have a large space.

The head of the hexagon socket head screw can be sunk into the part without being exposed, reducing the overall size, beautiful appearance, and not hindering other components.

The manufacturing cost of the hexagon bolt is much lower than that of the hexagon socket cup screw. Its advantage is that the screw head (the position of the wrench bearing force) is thinner than the inner hexagon. In some areas, the inner hexagon(hex socket cup screw) can not be replaced. In addition, the low cost, low compressive strength of the driving force, and low precision standards use much fewer hexagon socket screws than external hexagon screws.
Whether it is a hexagon socket screw or an external hexagon screw, it is all selected according to the place where it is used.

Common types of hexagon socket screws

Pan Head Socket Cup Screws

After this kind of screw is installed, its head is exposed, which can make it more convenient to tighten the screw later. This product can be seen on some household appliances.

Countersunk Socket Cup Screws

After installation, it will not protrude from the surface and will not affect the appearance. However, if there is a problem that is difficult to tighten when tightening, it is difficult to continue.

Cheese Head Socket cup screws

Similar to the countersunk head socket cup screw, the strength is relatively large, and the corresponding wrench can be used to disassemble it. It is generally used on the machine tool.

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