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What is the difference between Specialty screws and ordinary screws?

Specialty Fasteners include specialty screws and bolts, and nuts which are certain varieties of fasteners that are manufactured for a specific industry, job, or material. In comparison to general-purpose fasteners, specialty fasteners applications are limited and specific. Specialty screws that cannot be installed or removed easily with standard tools to prevent theft and tampering.

Compared with standard screw fasteners, special screws have superior characteristics in many aspects. In the face of the huge market demand, we want to keep up with the development of the times and keep up with the pace of social development. Specialty screws play a huge role. Because the special screw is only suitable for a certain company or a certain product, it has uniqueness and exclusivity. When it is produced, the production process is also different from the production process of standard screws. For example, the method of moisture-proof and moisture-proof for special screws, special screws used in vibration machinery, try to use solvent-free paint; use paint without volatile acid; choose paint with good hydrolysis resistance, and the difference from ordinary screws is whether there are national standards

Specialty screws are actually an uncommon type of screw. Our common screw types are standard parts, and these screws are very cheap. A few cents, the price of this kind of screw is acceptable to everyone, and if it is a non-standard screw, the price will be expensive.

So why specialty screw is more expensive? On the one hand, it is because the specialty fastener tests the production strength of the screw manufacturer. It does not mean that all screw manufacturers have the production capacity of these specialty fasteners. On the other hand, it will also have some special dimensions and special strength requirements. There are even requirements for its threads and screws, including its accuracy, strength, and its process performance, and the price will naturally be more expensive.

So, you must understand its specifications, thread specifications, head size specifications, and diameter. before purchasing this kind of fastener. If it is a hexagon socket cap, it also needs to involve the size of the corner, the diameter is different, the material used is also different, and the price will also be different. Therefore, if we are going to buy non-standard screws, we need to take a strict look at this part before we can buy more suitable products.

How to select specialty stainless steel screws according to the screw head?

As a specialty fastener, the specialty stainless steel screws are of course different from the standard parts on the market. So how do we select the type according to the head of the screw when customizing it?
Special socket cup head stainless steel screws have countersunk heads. This head type should be considered to be used a lot because after screwing into the product, it will not protrude from the surface of the product and affect the appearance of the product, which is mostly used for the exterior of the product. , Some have a square neck or tenon under the head to prevent rotation when the screw nut is rotated. Hexagon head specialty screw is also a common head type in screw fasteners. Some hexagon head fasteners also have holes and flanges. Hexagon head screws have high mechanical properties and are convenient for wrench tightening. The larger tightening torque can also be applied, which is widely used. hexagon head screws with a flange, and also has the function of a washer. It can also be used for the connection of steel structures and important host structures. The head of the pan head screw can have a slot, a cross-slot, etc., mainly to facilitate the use of tools to tighten, more used in low-strength, low-torque products, generally used in household appliances and other small-sized host products. Square head screw, the head area of ​​the square head screw is large, which is convenient for the wrench to tighten and rotate.

What are the surface treatments of Specialty screws?

Specialty screws plating usually includes zinc, copper, nickel. Chromium, copper-nickel alloy, etc. It refers to immersing the fasteners that need to be plated in a specific aqueous solution, which will contain some stacked metal compounds so that after the current is passed through the aqueous solution, the metal substances in the solution will be separated and fixed in the immersed part of the screw.
Specialty screws and mechanical coating refer to the impact on the surface of fasteners by coating metal powder by specific physical and chemical methods. Thereby, the surface of the fastener is formed in the form of cold welding to coating the metal to cover the effect of the surface. This mechanical coating is mainly suitable for some parts, non-standard nuts, washers, etc. Hot-dip galvanizing is also a treatment method in which fasteners of carbon steel composition are dipped in a molten zinc bath at a heat of about 510°C so that the iron-zinc alloy on the surface of the fasteners becomes passivated zinc, But the price of hot-dip galvanizing is higher than that of electroplating.

What are specialty screws used for?

The use of specialty screws is very extensive. For example, stainless steel plates, engineering installations, metal steel plates, and galvanized steel plates that we usually see are also used, and then some general angle steel or channel steel, iron plates, and other metals. Class materials are also required for installation. In addition, our car carriages or the assembly projects of the shipbuilding industry are also indispensable. Since specialty screws are so widely used, you must be wondering what kind of characteristics it has. For screw drilling and tapping, its bonding force is very strong, and it can be completed at one time if it is locked. In this way, you can save your construction time and greatly improve your work efficiency, so many factories can select them. When using specialty screws, pay attention to the quality of the screws themselves, and don’t buy some inferior screws for the sake of cheapness, because this will cause a lot of potential safety hazards.

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