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What are Truss Head Screws?

Truss head screws sometimes also called mushroom screws are characterized by a low, slightly rounded surface and an extra-wide top. Truss head screws have a lower profile than other rounded head screws; It doesn’t sit flush like some other screw types, so they are not used for all fastening applications. Another characteristic of a truss screw is that the surface area that sits just under the head of this fastener is also wider. thus, they can prevent tampering. Their wide head makes them suited to fasten sheet metal workpieces with large diameter holes.

What is a truss screw used for?

Truss screws are unique screw types that are made for a variety of very specific purposes. commonly used to attach cabinets to steel studs. They are also used in electronics items and in applications requiring low clearance above the head. steel truss head screws are used to assemble metal parts that will be used in humid environments. Wooden truss head screws are also commonly used to attach cabinets to steel studs; or to attach sliding shelf supports, since the low-profile head of the truss head screw does not interfere with guide operation. truss screws are also used in the building and repair of electronic items. automotive industry.

What are the advantages of truss screws?

Truss head screws are well fit for sheet steel and also various other products with big size holes as a result of their large head. Furthermore, as a result of their low-dome designed head, these screws make tampering or getting rid of the head challenge, An additional benefit of a truss screw is that the wide head stops it from sinking also deeply right into the product and also creating tearing. This is why they are so very valued for securing slim material as well as membrane layers. This is an excellent option when you are dealing with fragile materials to make sure that the screw does not tear with the product as well as create damage to the products.

The truss head is a screw head, but the drive can be Phillips, slotted, or pozi.

ISO Slotted Truss Head Screws Chart Sizes

Nominal Diameter(d)M2M2.2M2.5M3M3.5M4M4.5M5M6M8
dkmax=nominal size4.555.
kNominal Size1.
min=nominal size0.
tNominal Size0.60.650.750.951.

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