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Heatfastener is an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer specializing in the Global supply of Hook bolts, Sealing bolts, custom bolts, Pernos de briday pernos de carro. Pernos hexagonales, pernos de titanio, pernos de expansión, tornillería personalizada, etc.

Todos los productos se utilizan ampliamente en las industrias médica, de instrumentación, aeroespacial, marítima, de microondas, electrónica y de equipos químicos. Hemos diseñado y fabricado componentes clave para empresas de fama mundial y nos comprometemos a ofrecer a nuestros clientes productos de alta calidad, servicios de alto nivel y una mejora continua.

Con la certificación ISO9001:2008,iso14001:2004, y especialmente IAFT16949:2009 para la industria del automóvil. Heatfastener ofrece pernos y tornillos totalmente personalizados según sus necesidades. Podemos hacer realidad su diseño de sujetador, y todo de acuerdo a sus requerimientos.

Hook bolts

What are Hook Bolts?

A hook bolt is a curved steel bolt that appears like the leading part of an enigma. The long, straight area of a hook bolt is normally threaded and might feature 1 or 2 nuts screwed on. Hook bolts are a sort of anchor bolt frequently used to hang products from ceilings as well as walls. Many hook bolts are made from hardened stainless steel so they can handle heavy weight without bending or breaking. Criterion hook bolts have an open end to make it fast and also very easy to eliminate as well as rehang items

The straight, threaded upright hook bolt is flat and also does not taper like the end of a hook screw. Installment of a hook bolt generally needs the drilling of an overview opening. Hook bolt fasteners are regularly bolted into wooden studs behind the drywall on a wall or ceiling for included stability. Requirement and also locking washers are frequently related to the joint between a hook bolt and a wall to maintain the screw from becoming loosened from weight and resonance. Some hook bolts are developed to be screwed right into bolt supports that increase inside the wall to secure the incorporate location.

The majority of suppliers list the weight capability limitations on the product packaging of hook screws. Generally the thicker the size of the hook screw, the even more weight it can deal with. The chance of failing and also damages can be substantially minimized by splitting the weight of a hefty hanging item among a few different hook screws. Bridging the gap in between heavy dangling products and also hook bolts with solid springs minimizes the straight impact on the fastener for added strength as well as safety and security. Hanging chairs often come total with mounting equipment that consists of hooks bolts as well as hefty scale springs.

Setting up a few well-placed hook screws can open up new storage as well as design possibilities in a home or organization. A hook bolt is a fastener to secure hanging plants and also hanging art. The cost-effective and also versatile hook screw has hundreds of interior and exterior applications. Many hook bolts can be eliminated and re-installed in another location in mind with very little damage to the wall surfaces. Flooring space in a jampacked space can be raised by securing hook bolts in a ceiling to function as pulley blocks to make sure that occasional-use products like bikes and also off-season clothing can be tied to a rope as well as raised up and out of the way.

Hook bolts are fasteners used for load-bearing applications such as tie-down points cast into a concrete floor for permanent and temporary holds, or even simply to hang items from ceilings and walls. They can consist of a long or short bolt with a curved hook on the end like a question mark.

Obviously, because this differs from the eyebolt in that the bent curve of the tip of the application isn’t fastened back into itself, the importance of strong metal and the forging process is crucial to maintain the overall strength of the piece. Usually, the bolts have space so that things can be removed and refastened with ease

Critical to structural builds, hook bolts ensure the load is evenly distributed between many bolts, massively reducing the stress on each bolt. In order to hold the bolt in place, there is usually a fastener inserted into the wall or ceiling to lock the hook in place.

Types of Hook Bolts

Hook bolts are one of the foundation bolts, We can provide hook bolts in a wide range of materials (such as brass, silicon bronze, hardened steel, and many more) and different styles of plating.  Hook bolts start at 4-40 in diameter and can make your hook bolt up to 2” in diameter.

  • Round end screw hooks
  • Square end screw hooks
  • Gate hooks
  • J bolts
  • Wire S hooks
  • S hooks
  • Clevis grab hooks
  • Droli forged hooks
  • Droli forged safety snali hooks
  • V hooks

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Como fabricante con 20 años de experiencia en el sector y con una fábrica equipada con máquinas de precisión, podemos ofrecerle, desde la consulta hasta la producción, una solución integral.

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Shenzhen Heat Hardware Co, Ltd es un fabricante líder de tornillos personalizados en China fundada en 2000 años. Estamos especializados en tornillos personalizados, tornillos de seguridad, tornillos Sems, tornillos Chicago, tornillos de soldadura, tornillos largos, micro tornillos, tornillos de pulgar, tornillos de fijación, pernos personalizados, tornillos de carro, tuercas y otros sujetadores personalizados. Con más de 20 años de experiencia en la industria. Hemos servido a más de 20000customers incluyendo la industria aeroespacial, industria automotriz, electrónica, mecánica y productos eléctricos, robots, la industria médica, la industria de las comunicaciones, productos deportivos al aire libre, electrodomésticos inteligentes, etc podemos proporcionar una ventanilla única sujetador servicio personalizado para usted, no importa qué tipo de sujetador personalizado que necesita.

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