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Flange Bolts Details

A flange bolt is a kind of fastener Used in automotive applications, plumbing, and more, flange bolts feature a washer-like flange beneath the bolt head that speeds production time and distributes the clamping load, offering protection to the mating surface. Hex Flange bolts and Hex Serrated flange bolts are very common. Heatfaster can produce various custom flange bolts for different industry application

Flange bolts have a circular flange under the head that acts like a washer to distribute the load. Flange bolts that are non-serrated are sometimes called frame bolts, Serrated hex threads are standard right, Hex and 12 points are available in unified inch coarse series(UNC, Unified National Coarse) and unified inch fine(UNF, Unified National Fine), serrated hex in unified inch coarse, flange bolts are partially and fully threaded depending on size and length, the point for hex types is chamfered or rounded for 12 points, it is flat and chamfered

The flange bolt should be long enough to allow at least two full threads to extend beyond the nut face after tightening, which ensures full thread engagement with the nut, Conversely, there should be two full threads exposed on the head side of the nut to make sure the nut can be properly tightened

Product Name SizeBolts LengthGradeStandardServiceAvailable MaterialSurface treatmentCertificates
Hex flange boltsM3,M4,M6,M8,M10,M12, TO M56 or custom6mm-500mm4.6,4.8,5.6,6.8,8.8,9.8,10.9,A2-70,A4-80,etcISO, DIN, ASTM, ANSI, JIS, EN, ASOEM / ODM / customized service provided
Stainless Steel,Carbon steel,Aluminum,Brass,Copper,etc
Nature color,Black oxide,Phosphate,Zinc plated,Dacroment,etc

Hex Flange bolts are used on vehicle frames, especially truck, frames, and anywhere a hex washer head bolt is needed, the large bearing surface distributes clamping force over a large area, allowing them to be used with irregular and oversized holes.

Auto mechanics
To make certain a trusted, durable link in between 2 areas of a huge and also encased location you will certainly require to make use of a flange screw. The very best instance in this instance is the link between the transmission as well as the engine in a car. Both the engine as well as the transmission function have a number of relocating components that can conveniently obtain harmed when tiny items, particles, or dirt gets in. The function of the flange bolt in this situation is to protect the external covering shielding the engine and also transmission.
A more usual application of the flange bolts in the automotive fasteners contains the cars and truck’s exhaust. Changing the standard screw and also washers with flange bolts as well as springs for an automobile’s exhaust assures a boosted stamina and also much better integrity.
flange bolts for pipes

When attempting to attach 2 pipelines with each other, plumbings have various choices at their disposal. Without rejecting the effectiveness of welding or soldering the air ducts with each other, allow’s not to neglect that cyndrical tubes secured using either of the approaches are much more prone to rupture when subjected to high pressure. A more secure means of linking pipes with each other suggests protecting their ends with flanged bolts. By doing this, plumbing technicians can be certain the pipelines will certainly hold, despite the sorts of gas or fluid inside the air ducts.

Large applications
Large and Long flange bolts and also specifically the ones that gauge 30 centimeters in size are generally utilized in large mechanical applications. Comparable to various other kinds of flange screws, these lengthened bolts are readily available in a vast array of shaft sizes and also can be used in the building and construction of oil rigs, power plants, producing plants, huge vehicles as well as ships.

Hard-to-reach applications
Whenever you’re compelled to operate in a confined, difficult-to-access as well as a dark place, after that you wish to utilize a

flange bolt application

Heatfatener has produced many kinds of flange bolts types for our customers. like 12 point flange bolt stainless steel, security flange bolts, copper and brass large flange bolts, Phillips Long Flange Bolts, Serrated Flange bolts, aluminum flange bolt, titanium bolts, etc


M5X25M6X25M8X25M10X25M12X25M14X25 M16X25
M5X30M6X30M8X30M10X30M12X30M14X30 M16X30
M5X35M6X35M8X35M10X35M12X35M14X35 M16X35
M5X40M6X40M8X40M10X40M12X40M14X40 M16X40
M5X45M6X45M8X45M10X45M12X45M14X45 M16X45
M5X50M6X50M8X50M10X50M12X50M14X50 M16X50
M5X55M6X55M8X55M10X55M14X55 M16X55
M5X60M6X60M8X60M10X60M12X60M14X60 M16X60
M5X65M6X65M8X65M10X65M12X65M14X65 M16X65
M5X70M6X70M8X70M10X70M12X70M14X70 M16X70
M5X75M12X75M14X75 M16X75
M5X80M6X80M8X80M10X80M12X80M14X80 M16X80
M10X85M12X85M14X85 M16X85
M6X90M8X90M12X90M14X90 M16X90
M8X95M12X95M14X95 M16X95
M6X100M8X100M10X100M12X100M14X100 M16X100
M6X110M8X110M10X110M12X110M14X110 M16X110
M6X120M8X120M10X120M12X120M14X120 M16X120
M6X130M8X130M10X130M12X130M14X130 M16X130
M8X140M10X140M12X140M14X140 M16X140
M8X150M10X150M14X150 M16X150

custom flange bolts are available

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These certified custom fasteners can ensure the stable quality of products and avoid potential after-sales hazards to your projects. At the same time, the certified custom screws and bolts can guarantee the life of the product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As its name recommends, a flange screw is a bolt that includes a skirt expanding in an outward direction from the head at a 360 levels angle. … Flange screws can offer the very same bonding power as a washer, although in some applications they can be used in addition to normal screws coupled with washers

The most common materials for stud bolts (for flanges) are ASTM A193 (grade B7, B8, B8M, B8T), ASTM A453 (grade 660), ASTM A320 (grade L7, L7M), and ASTM A182 (duplex and super duplex bolting). For aggressive fluids and environments, stud bolts can be coated with Xylan, Skylar, and other materials

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