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Heatfastener carries a wide variety of Beveled washers. we can supply the washers you are looking for. If you are looking for a washer that is not off the shelf, we can make washers specifically to the dimensions, material, and plating that you need. Our custom runs can be as low as 100 pieces all the way to hundreds of thousands. We can supply washers as small as 0.062 inside diameter all the way to 12”.  If you are looking for a thin washer (0.002” thick) to a thicker washer, 1/2” thick, we can supply it. We can also supply the plating you need, from common zinc, and zinc/yellow to Magni coatings. Heatfastener can do special washers in many materials, from steel, to harden steel, brass, plastic, various grades of stainless steel, exotic materials such as Inconel, silicon bronze, and many more.

Heatfastener Specialty Manufacturing collabora con i produttori di apparecchiature originali da oltre 100 anni, fornendo un servizio clienti eccellente e tempestivo. Il nostro team di professionisti altamente qualificati utilizza solo la tecnologia e i metodi di lavorazione più recenti per produrre tutte le nostre rondelle piatte. Controlliamo attentamente ogni rondella per essere certi che sia prodotta con precisione. Sarete soddisfatti dei risultati finali.

Beveled washer

What is a Beveled Washer?

Additionally referred to as cupped spring washers, a beveled washer is defined by an irregular, tilted style. They aren’t flat like their simple counterparts. plain washers are flat, whereas beveled washers are angled.

You can discover beveled washers in various shapes. A few of them are round, resulting in a similar appearance to plain flat washers. Round beveled washers are essentially the same as flat washers except they are angled. Other beveled washers are square-shaped. They are still angled, yet they include a square shape when watched from a top-down viewpoint.

A beveled washer is load-distributing equipment components. Like all washers, they operate in combination with a fastener. Beveled washer, though, doesn’t feature the very same style as flat washers. plain washers s are flat. beveled washers, on the other hand, are tilted. They have a tilted design that permits them to make up for an absence of similarity.

How Does Beveled Washer Work?

Beveled washers are developed to distribute the tons of a fastener. All bolts will apply a ton to the objects in which they are set up. When you drive a bolt into an item, as an example, the screw’s head will push versus the surface of the things. In time, this may lead to damages.

The things may break, warp, or otherwise suffer damage around the area of the fastener’s head. Beveled washers safeguard objects from damage by dispersing lots of fasteners. Beveled washers raise the surface area of the fastener’s tons, thus shielding items from damage. Some attaching applications may require using beveled washers. All beveled washers are angled. An angled layout is basically what differentiates them from many various other types of washers.

Architectural light beams may require beveled washers. If an architectural beam of light is tilted, a tilted washer needs to be made use of to protect it. Beveled washers are angled. They can be made use of to safeguard angled structured beams of lights. For applications including angled light beams, square-shaped bevel washers are utilized.

Beveled washers can come square or circular, one side comes on an oblique angle in order to be used with beams or channels that do not run parallel. They typically come in F436 material and are meant to be used with A325 and A490 structural bolts

  • Round Beveled Washer
  • Square Beveled Washer
  • Stainless steel Beveled washer
  • Steel Beveled washer

Beveled Washer Sizes Chart

Diametro nominaleM12M14M16M20M22M24M27M30M36
n ①(min)10.512.21417.519.22123.626.231.5

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Beveled washers are square and while one bearing surface is flat, the other has an oblique (sloping) angle. Used in structural applications, they are designed for leveling and shimming purposes and are commonly used when bolting through the flanges of I-beams.

Rondelle smussate increase the surface area of the fastener’s load, thus protecting objects from damage. Some fastening applications may require the use of beveled washers. All beveled washers are angled. An angled design is essentially what distinguishes them from most other types of washers.

For the most part, all faucets use flat washers. Beveled washers are typically only used in faucets where the seat is damaged or worn beyond stem travel.