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Heatfastener, a professional manufacturer, which is engaged in the design and development, production, and sales of metal parts. Our production range includes a CNC processing center, automatic lathing, automatic milling, wire cutting, powder metallurgy processing, and assembly of metal parts with plastic parts. Custom screws and custom bolts, Our products are mainly customized producing by customers’ incoming drawings.

Il nostro obiettivo è quello di fornire ai nostri clienti un servizio senza preoccupazioni e di creare un rapporto vantaggioso per tutti.
tutto questo ha fatto guadagnare a Heatfastener un'alta reputazione tra i nostri clienti.

Shoulder Screws Products

Heatfastener is a leading shoulder screws manufacturer and supplier, with 22 years of industry experience, we have produced all kinds of shoulder screws and bolts for over 5000 customers. including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium materials, we are specializing in customized, thread size from Micro screws M1 to Large and Long M20.If you are looking for customized service, just contact Heatfastner.

Viti a spalla, also known as bulloni a spalla e stripper bolts, o bulloni a gradini, are fasteners with a large unthreaded shoulder below the head of the screw. The unthreaded portion of a shoulder screw is precision machined to an undersized tolerance to fit most machinery and equipment.

Shoulder Screw Applications

Il vite a spalla is suitable for various communication products, electronic instruments, meters, computers, digital products, home appliances, electric toys, various movements, and other precision mechanisms. It has also been used in mechanical equipment, water conservancy projects, room decoration, ship vehicles, and other high-tech products above.

How does a shoulder screw work

The shoulders give the screws their versatility by acting as shafts or dowels for rotating items such as bearings and bushings, axles for rolling parts, guides for sliding elements, and pivot points or mounting pins. Shoulder screws are often used in punch-and-die mechanisms or plastic-injection-mold sets.

Shoulder Screw Type

alloy steel and stainless steel shoulder screws are supplied almost exclusively with Hex Socket drives.  available in Slotted drive and Hex Socket drive, in Phillips drive. Torx drive, Star drive, Tamper Proof drives, Square Head drive, or Hex Head drives can also be supplied.customized size, heads are available.

  • Head Types – Hexagon; Pan; Socket Cap/Button; Round; Cheese, Square,etc
  • Drive Types – Slotted, Phillips, Torx, Star drive, Tamper Proof.etc
  • Material – Brass, Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, Others
  • Thread Size – M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M12, M14, M16 and others, Metric or Inch
Shoulder screws types

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As a 20-year industry experience manufacturer with a factory equipped with precision machines, we can provide, from consultation to production, a one-stop solution for you

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Shenzhen Heat Hardware Co., Ltd è un produttore leader di viti personalizzate in Cina fondato nel 2000. Siamo specializzati in viti personalizzate, viti di sicurezza, viti Sems, viti Chicago, viti a saldare, viti lunghe, microviti, viti a testa zigrinata, viti di fissaggio, bulloni personalizzati, bulloni a carrello, dadi e altri elementi di fissaggio personalizzati. Con oltre 20 anni di esperienza nel settore. Abbiamo servito oltre 20000clienti tra cui l'industria aerospaziale, l'industria automobilistica, l'elettronica, i prodotti meccanici ed elettrici, i robot, l'industria medica, l'industria delle comunicazioni, i prodotti sportivi all'aperto, gli elettrodomestici intelligenti, ecc. Possiamo fornire un servizio personalizzato di fissaggio one-stop per voi, indipendentemente dal tipo di fissaggio personalizzato di cui avete bisogno.

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Abbiamo una varietà di requisiti di produzione di attrezzature, in grado di soddisfare qualsiasi richiesta personalizzata. in grado di fornire soluzioni complete di fissaggio. Tutto ciò di cui avete bisogno può essere prodotto da Heatscrew.

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The shoulders offer the screws their convenience by functioning as shafts or dowels for turning things such as bearings and also bushings, axles for rolling components, overviews for gliding aspects, and also pivot factors or placing pins. Shoulder screws are commonly made use of in punch-and-die devices or plastic-injection-mold collections

Shoulder Socket Cap Screws are high-strength fasteners with an Internal Hex or Allen drive style head. The shoulder is a cylindrical unthreaded area before the thread, allowing for rotation of parts and are used in moving parts and other mechanical applications.

The shoulder is the smooth, middle section of the screw that contains the lateral movement of the workpieces. The threaded section has relaxed grooves that have a major diameter slightly smaller than the shoulder diameter. This section is for insertion into a mating thread, be it a nut or tapped hole.