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Heatfastener is a professional automotive fastener manufacturer, supplier, and factory which is engaged in the design and development, production, and sales of metal parts. Our production range includes a CNC processing center, automatic lathing, automatic milling, wire cutting, powder metallurgy processing, and assembly of metal parts with plastic parts. Our products are mainly customized producing by customer’s incoming drawing

Heatfastener is IATF16949 Certified. And we have implemented a policy of
continual improvement. We are committed to improving our company’s core
competitiveness, so as to maintain a leading level in the industry continuously

Our Automotive fastener includes automotive screws, automotive nuts, automotive bolts, and other custom automotive fasteners and parts.

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automotive screw

Automotive Fastener

As a professional automotive fastener manufacturer, Heatfastener produces all kinds of automotive fasteners like automotive screws, automotive bolts, automotive nuts and clip nuts, wheel nuts. security screws used in cars and vehicles.

While automotive screws and fasteners are utilized in a selection of sectors, car vehicle screws and fasteners are amongst one of the most typical. Inhabiting an approximate 45 percent complete market share, auto screws are essential to the risk-free procedure of lorries. Although screws made particularly for the automobile market might inhabit a big sector of the marketplace, it is very important to acknowledge that there are really various kinds of auto screws, consisting of screws, nuts, rivets, studs, and also extra. Each sort of bolt features in the very same fundamental way, in order to attach or hold to a minimum of 2 things with each other. The method by which they do that job might differ. It needs to additionally be identified that automobile screws might be built of numerous products, consisting of iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, and lightweight aluminum. automotive screws are normally security screws, Torx or Phillips

Automotive bolts are usually described as threaded bolts. This kind of bolt includes a head at one end. Such screws are typically put with the holes in set up components and afterward secured making use of a nut. Different sorts of vehicle bolts consist of U-bolts, hub bolts, as well as wheel bolts, and screws.

Also essential to the market are automobile nuts. These kinds of auto nuts are generally hexagonal or square fit as well as include a threaded opening that is utilized in order to screw a bolt that will certainly hold frameworks with each other. Car nuts can be straightforward in nature or might consist of t-nuts, collar nuts, locking security nuts, lug nuts, jam nuts, hex nuts, or self-locking nuts.

Why Automotive Fastener is So Important?

What are automotive fasteners? This question is easy to answer. The parts used in automobiles, products with threaded connection functions, are called automotive fasteners. Although automotive fasteners are not in special industries, automotive fasteners are the industry that requires the highest safety and quality standards. There are thousands of cars on the road. If there is a failure due to the quality of a screw, it is very scary. Therefore, there are not allowed to have failed automotive fasteners in the automotive industry. There is a quality problem with even a single screw.

All automobile manufacturers have carried out scientific and reasonable designs and experiments for the standards of automobile fastener used. Fatigue resistance data, etc., must be archived and analyzed for a long time. Therefore, the production of automobile screws is not like our conventional industrial fasteners, which can be produced casually. In order to produce professional automotive screws, in addition to the simplest ISO system certification, the mandatory TS16940 certification is also required. Generally speaking, the production standardization requirements of automobile screws are relatively high, and the investment is relatively large.

We know that the strength of screws used in automobiles is 10.9 or above, and the hydrogen embrittlement of such high-strength screws is the most likely to occur. If it is used in equipment, even if one screw is broken, we can replace it. we can take care, but if the screws of the car are broken due to hydrogen embrittlement, think about it, the car is driving on the road, and we can think how dangerous it is.

That means when we find automotive fasteners manufacturers, we must find those who have certificated manufacturers and rich experiences

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Automotive fasteners include screws, nuts, bolts, spring clips and washers, retainers, etc,The main types of automotive fasteners are nuts, bolts, and washers. Nuts are used to secure bolts and screws to a surface, and they have interior (female) threading. Bolts are threaded with pins or rods.

What are the most common fasteners used in automobiles? The most common type of fastener used in the automobile industry, without a doubt, is the Hex head bolt, closely followed by the hex-headed cap screw and the stud. A stud is a hybrid between a screw and a bolt. If any of the fasteners happen to become loose, the owner is likely to experience problems with his vehicle.

The most automotive fastener is Grade 5 rated and is identified by three radial lines on the head of the bolt. They are made from medium carbon steel that is quenched and tempered. … Bolts that are one inch and larger have weaker ratings, yield strength goes down to 81,000 PSI and tensile strength goes down to 105,000 PSI


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