Heatfastener. We mainly produce all kinds of barrel nuts, custom screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, lathing parts, and other fasteners products, and the material of these products can be carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, brass, aluminum. We can make products complied with JIS, ANSI, DIN, ISO standards or according to the customized requirement strictly. We have been specialized in making fasteners products since 2001, which makes us gather abundant experience in technique, and we also fetch in advanced management method from some other Taiwan companies. We are committed to designing and researching the products independently, and we also establish an independent quality control department, research, and development department

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barrel nuts

Barrel Nuts Details

バレルナット (likewise referred to as steel cross dowel or dowel nut) is a specific nut, and also is typically utilized in aerospace as well as ready-to-assemble furniture applications. we can call furniture screws, nuts, bolts

Barrel nuts are additionally typical in flat-pack furnishings, where lengthy screws and also barrel nuts are made use of to hold together T joints in chipboard sheets.

It is made use of to screw slim sheet steel components to bigger, typically billet or built, components. The barrel nut is a rounded slug, or created sheet steel gets rid of strings vertical to the size of the nut. The nut beings in an opening inside the building as well as a basic screw are threaded right into the barrel nut from outside the sheet steel. They are chosen over a typical nut as well as screw, since they do not need a flange to be machined or created onto the obtaining component, therefore minimizing weight.
Furnishings go across dowel barrel nuts are round designed steel nuts (steel dowels) utilized with furnishings adapter screws to sign up with 2 items of timber. The within the threaded opening is uncommon because it travels through the sides of the dowel. To mount, the items of timber to be signed up with are straightened, after that, a screw opening is pierced via one item of timber and also right into the various other. A dowel opening is pierced side to side throughout the screw opening and also the cross dowel is placed right into it. Completion of the cross dowel is slotted to ensure that a screwdriver can be placed to turn the dowel to make sure that its threaded shaft straightens with the screw opening. The furnishings port screw is placed right into the screw opening as well as screwed right into the cross dowel till the timber items are held firmly with each other.

バレルナット そして barrel bolts 様々な直径と長さがあります。粗目と細目があります。下記は弊社で取り扱っている直径です:


  • ステンレス - SS302、SS304、SS316、(良い粘り強さ)、ステンレス鋼A2 A4
  • スチール - C45(K1045)、C46(K1046)、C20
  • 真鍮 - C36000(C26800)、C37700(HPb59)、C38500(HPb58)、C27200CuZn37)、C28000(CuZn40)
  • ブロンズ-C51000、C52100、C54400など
  • アルミニウム - Al6061、Al6063など
  • 炭素鋼 – C1006,C1010,C1018,C1022,C1035K,C1045
  • 合金鋼 - SCM435、C10B21、C10B339
  • その他の材料- チタン、UNS C11000 銅、シリコン


  • グレード:グレード4.8、グレード6.8、グレード8.8、グレード10.9、グレード12.9など
  • スタンダードGB、DIN、ISO、ANSI/ASTM、BS、BSW、JIS、メートル、インチ
  • フィニッシュ:プレーン、H.D.G、黒色酸化物、クロム、テフロン、ダクロメット、陽極酸化、ナイロック付き
  • 証明書:ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, IATF16949, ROHS
  • 規格外OEMは顧客のrequirmentsに従って利用できる


  • ヘッドタイプ:フラット、オーバル、バインディング、パン、ラウンド、トラス、ボタン、PF、チーズ、フィリスター、パンワッシャー、シリンダー、六角、インデント六角、ワッシャー
  • ドライブタイプ:プラス, スロット, ファイリップ/スロット, 6ローブ, ピン6ローブ, ポジットドライブ, スクエア, トライアングル, Yタイプ.トライウイング, Sタイプ, Hタイプ, 六角, 5ポイント, 8ポイント, スプライン, スパナ, クラッチ, 六角ピン, トルクスピン
  • ねじのタイプ: 機械ねじ、ボルト、セルフ・タッピング等


A barrel nut is a female fastener used to bolt individual pieces of an assembly together without having an exposed nut on one of the work-piece faces. The barrel nut consists of a short, straight length of round bar with a perpendicular, threaded hole through its center. To install the nut, a hole is drilled, typically from a hidden surface, on a workpiece into which the nut fits. Another hole is then drilled into the workpiece to correspond with the position of the nuts’ threaded opening. This allows a second workpiece to be bolted to the first without any nut being visible on its face, a useful feature in aesthetically-sensitive applications such as furniture making.


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  • 石油化学
  • 消費者製品
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barrel nuts application

barrel nut has a threaded hole with a drilled-out and threaded center, which the bolt fits into.

  • Clutch Head Security Barrel Nuts
  • Pin Hex Countersunk Security Barrel Nuts.
  • Socket Countersunk Barrel Nuts
  • Slotted Raised Countersunk Barrel Nuts
  • Slotted Raised Head Barrel Nuts
  • Low Profile Socket Barrel Nuts.
  • Domed Low Profile Barrel Nuts (No Drive)
  • Pozidrive Barrel Nuts

Heatfastener carries all kinds of barrel nuts and bolts, from Micro M1 to Large bolts. and specially custom barrel nuts

DiameterピッチDepth of nutAcross Flats
barrel nuts

Need Custom Barrel Nuts for Your Industry?



深セン熱金物有限公司は、2000年に設立された中国の大手カスタムねじメーカーです。私達は注文ねじ、保証ねじ、Sems ねじ、シカゴねじ、溶接ねじ、長いねじ、マイクロねじ、親指ねじ、止めねじ、注文のボルト、キャリッジ・ボルト、ナットおよび他の注文の締める物を専門にします。業界経験20years以上で。航空宇宙産業、自動車産業、エレクトロニクス、機械電気製品、ロボット、医療産業、通信産業、アウトドアスポーツ製品、スマート家電など、20000社以上のお客様にサービスを提供してきました。


Dowel nuts, also known as barrel nuts, are cylindrical metal nuts used with furniture connector bolts in order to join two pieces of wood together in ready-to-assemble furniture applications. The threaded portion of the dowel nut is unique because it passes through the sides of the nut.

Ys they will but, you could have one made for a barrel with a diameter of 0.65 then try to put the same handguard on a 1.00-inch barrel and it may not fit. Bull barrels are USUALLY 1 inch. covers a lot of territories.

Place the end of a measuring tape on one of the flat sides of the nut’s outer perimeter. Stretch the tape measure across the nut’s diameter to the flat-side directly across from the one you pulling from. If the nut is metric, count the number of lines on the tape measure to find the measurement.

About this item. M6 barrel nut size: total length is 12 mm/ 0.47inch, the outer diameter is 10 mm/ 0.4 inch, the threaded hole diameter is 5.35 mm/ 0.21 inch, proper size will meet your needs, not suitable for imperial 1/ 4 – 20 bolts.