Self tapping Machine Screws


Self tapping machine screws, We may come into contact with many types of machine screws and self-tapping screws. When faced with these two types of screws, there are differences in appearance, and if we want to learn more professional knowledge. Only by further mastering the relevant knowledge can we use them more ideally in our work. Therefore, let’s briefly talk about the common methods to distinguish these two screws that can be accurately and quickly mastered.

Machine thread vs Tapping thread

What is Machine Screw

From a professional point of view, a machine thread is also called a mechanical thread. The size of the pitch between the thread and the bottom of the thread is almost the same, and the distance between the thread is relatively small. The standard angle of the thread shape is 60°, and the thread is marked as M/. When using the マシンスクリュー, it must be locked with a suitable nut or a pre-drilled interior tapped hole. It is widely used in all walks of life. In most cases, the use of special machinery can replace manual work to complete the machine screw connection between related accessories. Machine screws are most often used for fastening metal parts securely together in various types of machinery or construction.


What is a Self Tapping Screw

The threaded front of the self-tapping screw is very sharp, the bottom plane is wider, the standard angle of the thread profile is less than 60°, and the thread is marked as ST/. When we need to use it, we don’t have to resort to nuts or taps. Drill the matching holes in advance and screw the holes directly with a screwdriver. During the rotation process, threads will be drilled inside the holes to achieve the desired tightening effect. From its name, we can also understand that it needs to be installed manually.These screws cannot drill through metal and require a pilot hole to be pre-drilled before installation

self tapping screw

Finally, let’s talk about the usage of these two screws. You can use self-tapping screws on non-ferrous metal parts or non-metallic materials, and the stability is ideal. There are no restrictions on the application range of machine screws. As mentioned above, it is a very wide usage, In short, these two screws have their own merits, both of which have wide application in our life.

What is a Self Tapping Machine Screws

Self tapping machine screws are hybrids of machine screws and sheet metal screws. They’re like regular machine screws, except they have thread-cutting abilities toward the tip. The difference between self-tapping machine screws and sheet metal screws is that only part of the threading can be cut, which means if the screw is extracted and reinserted, it won’t cut new threads but will follow the previous ones.

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