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Heatfastener is a pins supplier and manufacturer for all your pins needs. Heat Fasteners, an industrial pins manufacturer, supplies a wide range of pins. We offer pins in inches and metrics. We can also make your pin per your size and plating specifications. Our pin line has many different materials as well. From carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, various grades of steel, and much more, Finish includes zinc, zinc/yellow, black oxide, and more, we can supply your pin with the material you need.

Our pin line includes the following:

  • Cotter pins
  • ダボピン
  • Slotted spring pins
  • Coil pins (standard and heavy-duty)
  • Grooved pins
  • Heavy-duty slotted tooth spring pins
  • Bent pins
  • Clevis pins
  • Detent pins
  • Grip clips
  • Hair pins
  • Headless pins
  • Hitch pins
  • Bridge pins
  • Lynch pins
  • Safety pins
  • Positive lock pins
  • Snap pins
  • Taper pins
  • Tether pins
  • Hitch pin clips


Stainless steel pin

Pins Types

Cotter pins are wire-formed pins with two prongs that separate during installation. They are used as a locking device to hold pins or castle nuts in place. These low-cost and highly versatile fasteners are used virtually everywhere

Dowel pins are short cylindrical rods that are made up of either metal, plastic, or wood. These pins are used to align or join two or more components in machinery, construction, and furniture making.

slotted pins are used for light-duty use or where a more rigid connection is required, for example, precise location. A solid pin can withstand higher absolute shear forces than a spiral pin, although without the benefits of flexibility for fatigue resistance

Coiled pins are used extensively in cosmetic cases, automotive door handles and locks, and latches as hinge pins. They’re also used as pivots and axles, for alignment and stopping, to fasten multiple components together-such as gear and shaft-and even as ejector pins to remove motherboards from PCs

Grooved pins are solid press-fit fasteners that are quickly gaining in popularity. They feature three parallel grooves and are commonly used as locking devices, pivots, levers, or locating elements

Bent pins, also known as bent hitch pins, are metal pins with one straight end and a 25° angle bent arm at the opposite end. This low cost pin is often used to temporarily join pieces of equipment together that are frequently disconnected and reconnected.

Clevis pins are used as a quick and secure fastener in place of bolts and rivets. Designed with both a flat or domed head on one end and cross-hole at the other, a clevis pin is inserted through the holes at the pronged ends of a clevis and is kept in place by a cotter pin

Detent pins, also known as cotterless hitch pins or quick release pins, are designed for temporary quick disconnect operations or any application that requires rapid, frequent, and manual assembly and disassembly of a particular object.

Headless pins are solid pins similar to hitch pins but without a flanged head. These pins are either grooved, drilled, or grooved and drilled at each chamfered end

Hitch pins, sometimes called trailer pins, are designed with either a swivel handle or a fixed PVC coated handle. The pin is secured by inserting a bridge pin or lynch pin into a hole opposite of the handle.

Lynch Pins—also commonly referred to as quick pins or linchpins — are self-locking pin inserted crosswise as through the end of an axle or shaft. These fasteners securely keep objects from sliding off their axle. G.L Huyett offers a variety of light-duty and heavy-duty carbon steel lynch pins.

Snap pins, otherwise known as snapper pins or wire lock pins, are similar in design to hitch pins, but with the added feature of a pivoting spring wire attached at the head. When the pin is inserted into a part, the spring wire spans over the part, snapping around the end of the pin securing it in place.

Taper pins are often used to position and secure mechanical components. They are held in place using dry friction making them economical and easy to install. The pin’s tapered design increases in diameter from one end to the other allowing for accurate, secure installation to tapered holes

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