Weld Nut



Heatfastener also supplies the weld nuts to go along with your weld screws. We have a wide selection of weld nuts in many different styles and sizes.

Our weld nut includes both inch and metric sizes. We also can make custom weld nuts per your print. Heatfastener supplies weld nut in low carbon steel and in stainless steel.

A weld nut is a type of nut that is specially designed to be welded to another workpiece. Different types of weld nuts are used for different purposes. These include round base nuts, slab base nuts, tab base nuts, hex, and square nuts, retainer weld nuts, tube end nuts, twin piloted nuts, and more.

  • Tab weld nuts: Tab weld nut feature an optimum welding tab that will accommodate a variety of electrode sizes and will allow the use of typical equipment used in a standard production/fabrication environment. Tab weld nuts are specifically designed to be spot welded onto flat applications.
  • Round flat weld nuts: The RD weld nut is a self-locating, through-hole weld nut with three precision, spherical weld projections that give strong, uniform welds. The BFWN and BFWNS series part is ideally suited for use in confined areas because of their small diameter relative to the thread size.
  • Square weld nuts: Square Weld Nut are designed to create a robust, permanent fastening when welded to another metal surface. Each Square Weld Nut features four projections (located on each corner of the nut), which allows the nut to be bonded to the surface through welding.
  • Hex weld nuts are used to weld the nut onto a host material. They come with small three leg projections which are used to weld the nut into the material. The projections also help if the host surface is uneven, but the nut has to be fixed flat on the surface.
  • Flange weld nuts are uniquely designed fasteners that are manufactured to be welded to another metal object. There is a wide range of projection flange weld nut options that can be used for various applications.
  • Retainer weld nuts, also referred to as bridge weld or floating cage nuts, are nuts in a “cage” that can be welded to an installation material. The nut inside the cage is free-moving to allow for fasteners that are slightly mis-aligned to still install properly. This can help compensate for building inconsistencies.
  • Twin Piloted Nuts – Dual hole or twin piloted nuts are designed for use where there is a need for tapped holes closes together. Four Projection Weld Nuts – Four projections designed to fuse simultaneously so each projection flows and seats properly.

Need Custom Weld Nuts for Your Industry?