Heatfastener was established in 1998, a professional producer in the design and production of plastic screws, custom screws, custom bolts, and other customer fasteners. Our company has various types of advanced high precision CNC machines, automatic lathes, CNC milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, screw heading machines, tapping machines, and other processing machines. We can produce according to customer’s requirements. In the meantime, there are lots of inspecting machines in our factory, such as projector, salt spraying tester, accelerometer, center-height gauge, torsion tester, film thickness tester, Spectrometer together with technical well-qualified teams to satisfy the demands of each client. We are keeping moving with the motto of “foundation is based on quality, while development is founded in reputation”. With our excellent product quality, good service and very competitive prices, precise production, our products have a good reputation within the industry. Our products become a well-known brand, and they are used by many international and domestic well-known telecom and computer manufacturers, such as Foxconn, Amphenol, Huawei.


plastic screws

Plastic Screws Details

Plastic fasteners including plastic screws, plastic bolts, and nuts also called Nylon screws, bolts, nuts, compared with ordinary metal screws, the biggest advantage is that they have good insulation properties and are not conductive, Because of the nonmetallic manufacturing, there will be no signal interference such as eddy current under the influence of current or other electrical signals, and its anti-interference is a bit suitable for industries such as communications, plastic screws have better acid and alkali resistance, the best PVDF screws are followed by polypropylene, both of which have strong acid and alkali resistance

Plastic screws and bolts come in different lengths, materials. We can also manufacture these items in special materials and custom made as below listed:


Material: PA
Qualities: good dynamic characteristics, friction and wear resistance is more
excellent compared with other engineering plastics, good oil resistance, used
in the temperature below 100°C

Material: PP
Color: white
Qualities: good water resistance, chemical resistance(stable performance of chemical
environment) and electrical properties, used in the temperature below 80°C

Material: PVC
Qualities: outstanding water resistance, prevention of acid/alkali, inflammability
and insulation, used in the temperature below 70°C

Material: PC
Qualities: outstanding resistance to shock, good UV resistance, and be suitable for
outdoor, used in the temperature below 115°C

Material: PVDF
Qualities: excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility,
anti-expansion strength and impact resistance strength; used in the temperature
below 150°C

Material: PPS
Qualities: good prevention of acid/alkali and withstanding high temperatures, size
and the material won’t change in high temperature and high humidity environment, used
in the temperature below 240°C

Material: PEEK

PEEK is a kind of heat-resistant, high-performance thermoplastic special engineering plastic. It has good mechanical properties and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance properties, etc.; it has a light proportion and self-lubricating properties.

Material: PA66
Qualities: Poly (hexamethylene adipamide), Polyamide 66, or Nylon 66 (PA66) is an engineering-grade thermoplastic. PA66 has higher strength but lower impact resistance than PA6


  • グレード:グレード4.8、グレード6.8、グレード8.8、グレード10.9、グレード12.9など
  • スタンダードGB、DIN、ISO、ANSI/ASTM、BS、BSW、JIS、メートル、インチ
  • 証明書:ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, IATF16949, ROHS
  • カスタムメイドOEMは顧客のrequirmentsに従って利用できる


  • ヘッドタイプ:フラット、オーバル、バインディング、パン、ラウンド、トラス、ボタン、PF、チーズ、フィリスター、パンワッシャー、シリンダー、六角、インデント六角、ワッシャー
  • ドライブタイプ:プラス, スロット, ファイリップ/スロット, 6ローブ, ピン6ローブ, ポジットドライブ, スクエア, トライアングル, Yタイプ.トライウイング, Sタイプ, Hタイプ, 六角, 5ポイント, 8ポイント, スプライン, スパナ, クラッチ, 六角ピン, トルクスピン
  • 機械ねじ、タッピングねじ、ねじ切りねじ、ねじを形作るねじ切り


Exhibiting high temperature and electrical resistances, polyamides (nylon) are considered high-performance plastics and are widely used in automotive & transportation markets, consumer goods, and electrical and electronics applications among others. Learn more about this interesting class of plastics along with the main applications and benefits of some common polyamides: PA11, PA12, PA46, PA6, PA66, and PPA (polyphthalamides). Explore more about their key properties like mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc., conditions to process this polymer, and understand what makes Polyamides an ideal choice in high-end engineering applications.


  • エレクトロニクス
  • 石油化学
  • 消費者製品
  • 交通
  • 農業
  • 重機
  • 建設
  • 自動車
  • メディカル
  • ミリタリー
  • 航空宇宙
  • 石油・ガス

According to the shape of the head, it can be divided into pan head plastic screws, countersunk head plastic screws, external hexagon plastic screws, internal hexagon plastic screws, plastic set screws, plastic thumb screws, etc


Product Properties:
1. Corrosion Prevention, UV Resistance, Withstands High/Low Temperatures,
2. Prevention Of Acid / Alkali, High Voltage Resistance, Insulation.

We supply all kinds of custom plastic screws and bolts from Micro M1 to Large long M40

Nominal diameter (D)Thread (p)マックスマックスAB
plastic screws and bolts dimensions


深セン熱金物有限公司は、2000年に設立された中国の大手カスタムねじメーカーです。私達は注文ねじ、保証ねじ、Sems ねじ、シカゴねじ、溶接ねじ、長いねじ、マイクロねじ、親指ねじ、止めねじ、注文のボルト、キャリッジ・ボルト、ナットおよび他の注文の締める物を専門にします。業界経験20years以上で。航空宇宙産業、自動車産業、エレクトロニクス、機械電気製品、ロボット、医療産業、通信産業、アウトドアスポーツ製品、スマート家電など、20000社以上のお客様にサービスを提供してきました。


Plastic screws are lightweight and strong

Flexible and strong, plastic screws can also be as much as 10 times lighter pound for pound as metal screws. … Plastic fastener materials can have a glass or metallic filler added to the base resin to improve strength, stiffness, temperature range, and gravity.

Plastic Fasteners Plastic fasteners are screws, bolts, and other plastic tools used to join and secure materials together. Plastic fasteners, despite their comparative lower strength, are a popular alternative to traditional metal fasteners in some situations.

Plastic anchors protect walls and wall hangings. When you need to hang something on a wall and there’s no stud in the right spot, plastic wall anchors may be the solution. Also called expansion anchors, they reinforce a screw in the wall surface so it can’t easily be ripped out.

This composite material is made of woven fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. This combination gives plastic an improved strength to weight ratio. And now the plastic screw and washer industry has found success in making plastic screws, washers and fasteners from this material

As a fastener, this material is especially suited for electronics. It offers high tensile strength and higher wear resistance than aluminum. Nylon fasteners also have excellent resistance to some chemicals and hydrocarbons, while providing a high amount of insulation