M3 M4 M6 트러스 헤드 머신 스크류

  • 탄소강
  • 트러스 헤드
  • Square drive
  • M3/M4/M6 customized
  • 패키지: 비닐봉투+상자
  • MOQ 10000pcs
  • 보증: 12개월
  • 리드 타임:7-15일
  • 거래 조건: FOB/EXW/CIF/FIR/DDP
  • 배송: 특송 / 해상운송 / 육상운송 / 항공운송
  • 결제: 결제: T/T, 페이팔, 웨스턴 유니온.
  • 샘플: 사용 가능


The truss head machine screw features a low-profile, rounded head with a wider surface area, facilitating enhanced load distribution and minimizing the risk of surface damage during installation and use. This design makes them particularly suitable for applications where a flush finish and reliable performance are essential. The zinc plating applied to these screws serves as a protective barrier against corrosion, extending their lifespan and maintaining their integrity even in challenging conditions. This makes them well-suited for use in outdoor environments or applications where exposure to moisture and environmental elements is a concern.

We can make M3, M4, and M6 sizes customized to customers’ need, no matter what material you need, You can rely on a Heat screw.

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