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Big Head screws are also called large head screws, The head of screws are normally larger than the head of dome head screws, therefore the force area is also large, also this can protect the products when assemble, it is usually used between plastic parts

Large head screws are normally a type of custom screws. If the required size is beyond the production range, a multi-station machine is required for production. Custom large-head screws generally require mold-making and custom production.

Large Head Screws are really easy to produce for Screw Manufacturer?

For those who are not familiar with screw production, the production of large head screws may be very simple and easy. But is this really the case?

Different designs of large head screws are produced in different models. Like M3*12 stainless steel big head screws, the head size is within the normal range (that is, within the material expansion coefficient), which are generally produced using a single-mode machine. Better production. But if the mold is not matched, the size or shape of the screw produced will not be what we want, or if we do not pay attention to the problem of the machine or the mold during production, we will not know if there is a problem with the screw.

For big head screws like M3*12, the multi-station models produced are different according to their complexity and the number of molds used. For a multi-station machine, it is not like a single-mode machine. It can be adjusted for a few hours. Sometimes it may take a day or a few days to debug the machine.

If it is to make M4*255 stainless steel big head long screws, it is not so simple. There are generally two production methods for this kind of screw, one is welding and the other is cold heading. The production method used by Heatfastener screw manufacturers is one-time forming by cold heading. In the production of long screws, the material is generally cut first, and then the cut material is arranged into the die spotting machine, After the screws are made, in this step of thread rolling, we have to manually roll thread. Because the screws are too long to fit into the thread rolling machine, the labor cost is also quite high, and it takes longer than other screws.

So Large head screws are easy to produce, it depends on the screw design.If you are looking for custom big head screws, welcome to contact Heatfastener.

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