Self locking nuts

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Nyloc Nylon Self Locking Nuts

Type: Nyloc nuts,nylon nuts,self lock nuts

Material: Stainless steel

Finish: Natural


Standard: Inches, Metric


The nylon nuts function is used in conjunction with bolts to achieve the purpose of combining two or more components together. Nylon nuts have excellent insulation performance, are non-magnetic, have heat insulation, and are lightweight. Nylon nuts of individual materials also have high-temperature resistance, high strength, and corrosion resistance. They can be used with plastic screws and metal screws. Some styles have a locking function. Widely used in various industrial fields.

What is a nylon lock nut(Self locking nuts)

a nut that uses a plastic/nylon insert located towards the top of the nut, is called a nylon lock nut, which is usually referred to as a nyloc nut in the industry. It is mainly used in conjunction with threaded screws or bolts and other connecting parts. After locking, the nylon insert will deform and fill the gaps between the connecting parts at both ends, thus playing a locking role(lock nuts). and resistant to vibration.

What are the advantages of nylon nuts(Self locking nuts)?

  • Compared with ordinary metal nuts, the biggest advantage of nylon nuts is that they have good insulation performance and are non-conductive.
  • In addition, due to non-metallic manufacturing, signal interference such as eddy current will not be generated under the influence of current or other electrical signals, and its anti-interference performance is somewhat suitable for communication and other industries.
  • Nylon nuts have better acid and alkali resistance, and the best PVDF nuts are followed by polypropylene, both of which have strong acid and alkali resistance, and nylon nuts are more resistant to strong acids and alkalis than the former two. It is relatively poor, so in the strong acid and alkali environment of some electroplating industries, nylon nuts, especially PVDF nuts, are widely used.

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