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Heatfastener is a professional R & D and production of Expansion bolts, custom screws, custom bolts, nuts, non-standard fasteners and other metal stampings. Heatefastener pursuit of excellence in product quality, and has passed ISO9001 and SGS.IATF16949, We have the perfect after-sales service network and can provide the most convenient service on demand. Annually, Heatfastenr can be completed with very large orders, but also get a lot of good partners.

Heatfastener oferece parafusos totalmente personalizados e parafusos de acordo com suas necessidades. Nós podemos trazer seu projeto de fixador para a realidade, e tudo de acordo com suas necessidades.


expansion bolts

Expansion Bolts Details

What are Expansion Bolts?

The expansion bolts generally refer to metal expansion bolts. The fixation of the expansion bolts is to use the wedge-shaped slope to promote the expansion to generate frictional gripping force to achieve the fixing effect. that means An expansion bolt is comprised of a bolt, nut, and lead sleeve assembly that expands upon tightening, The bolt is threaded on one end and tapered on the other. In the bolt–lead sleeve–tapered nut configuration, a tapered nut rests in a lead sleeve. This entire component is inserted into a pre-drilled hole. The bolt is then inserted, and when fastened, the tapered nut is drawn towards to head of the bolt, causing the lead sleeve to expand., so it is tightly fixed on the wall, which is generally used for the fastening of guardrails, awnings, air conditioners, etc. on cement, bricks and other materials. However, its fixation is not very reliable. If the load has a large vibration, it may loosen, so it is not recommended for installing ceiling fans.

How Does It Work?

Fixing principle: The expansion bolt is composed of a bolt and an expansion lead sleeve. The tail of the bolt is conical, and the inner diameter of the cone is larger than the inner diameter of the expansion lead sleeve. When the nut is tightened, the bolt moves outward, and the conical part moves through the axial movement of the thread, which in turn forms a large positive pressure on the outer peripheral surface of the expansion lead sleeve, and the angle of the cone is small, so that the wall and expansion lead sleeve, and the metal cone Friction self-locking is formed, thereby achieving a fixed effect.

O spring washer on the expansion bolt is a standard part. Because its opening is staggered and elastic, it is called a spring washer. The function of the spring washer is to use the sharp angle of the staggered opening to penetrate the nut and the flat washer to prevent the nut from loosening. The flat washer is also a standard part, its function is to evenly distribute the pressure of the nut on the connected parts.

Expansion anchors ou Parafusos de expansão are fasteners designed for use in masonry base material that provides holding power through expansion. There are two kinds of expansion anchors; pre-expanded and unexpanded. The pre-expanded expansion anchor is inserted in a predrilled hole compress and then exerts force to create the holding power

A Heatfastener utiliza uma grande variedade de materiais para se adequar a qualquer aplicação de fixadores. Alguns dos materiais que fornecemos incluem:

  • Aço inoxidável - SS302, SS304, SS316, (boa tenacidade)
  • Aço - C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20
  • Latão - C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58),C27200CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)
  • Bronze-C51000, C52100, C54400, etc
  • Alumínio - Al6061, Al6063 etc
  • Aço carbono – C1006,C1010,C1018,C1022,C1035K,C1045
  • Liga de aço - SCM435,C10B21,C10B339
  • Outros materiais- Titânio, UNS C11000 Cobre


  • Grau: Grau 4.8, Grau 6.8, Grau 8.8, Grau10.9, Grau12.9, etc.
  • Acabamento:Liso, H.D.G, Óxido preto, Cromo, Teflon, dacromet etc
  • Certificados: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015,IATF16949
  • Não normasOEM está disponível, de acordo com os requisitos do cliente


  • PRODUÇÃO STANDARDAcabamento fino, rigorosamente controlado dentro do intervalo de tolerância
  • ALTA PRECISÃOBoa resistência à abrasão e à corrosão
  • OEM&ODM:especialista no desenvolvimento e produção de peças não normalizadas
  • Alta qualidade: Material de alta qualidade para um longo tempo de serviço

We also provide below anchors types

  • Wedge anchors
  • Drop in Anchors
  • Steel Hollow wall (regular and drive)
  • Ribbed Hollow wall 
  • Conical
  • Fluted, light duty
  • Lag screw shield
  • Split Drive
  • Single and Double expansion
  • Sleeve Anchor (we supply flat head, hex, round, and acorn nut)
  • Plastic Toggle
  • One step (we offer them in plastic and zinc die-cast)
  • Lead wood screw
  • Machine screw
  • Concrete screws
  • Nail in
  • Hammer Drive
  • Toggle bolts and Toggle wings
  • Drive Pin
  • Sleeve anchor bolt
  • Hex socket round head anchor
  • Hexagon socket countersunk anchor
  • Hex head anchor


Expansion bolts, anchor bolts are used for connecting structural and nonstructural elements to the concrete. These stainless steel anchors have good chemical resistance and may be mildly magnetic. Also known as drop-in anchors, they’re often used for overhead applications because the anchor’s internal plug expands in four directions to hold the anchor firmly inside the hole before inserting a threaded rod or bolt. To install, place the anchor into the hole, insert the required installation tool (sold separately) into the anchor, and drive with a hammer until the thicker portion of the tool makes contact with the anchor. When installed, anchors sit flush with the surface. Pull-out strength and shear strength values are 25% of the ultimate values.


  • Os parafusos de expansão podem ser utilizados para fixar objectos pesados às paredes ou ao chão.
  • Pode suportar cargas verticais e horizontais
  • Ao apertar o parafuso, a porca na extremidade oposta é puxada para dentro da carcaça, expandindo-se para fora e prendendo-a dentro do orifício na parede ou no chão.
  • O revestimento de passivação amarelo torna os parafusos de expansão resistentes à ferrugem
  • Necessita de uma chave inglesa ou de uma chave de caixa para apertar ou desapertar o parafuso
  • Ideal para a fixação pesada de paredes e pavimentos de estruturas de aço e madeira

Application for sleeve anchor bolt

  • Building
  • Automóvel
  • Ships
  • Aircraft
  • Machinery
  • electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Other products
Expansion bolt application

Este é um tamanho único que fabricamos, quaisquer parafusos personalizados estão disponíveis

Tamanho L(mm) L1(mm) D(mm) d(mm)Drilling diameter
M6x60 6040 6 8 8MM
M6x70 7050 6 8 8MM
M6x80 8055 6 8 8MM
M8x60 604081010MM
M8x70 7050 8 10 10MM
M8x80 8055 8 10 10MM
M8x100 100708 10 10MM
M8x120 120908 10 10MM
M10x70 705010 12 12MM
M10x80 805510 12 12MM
M10x100 1007010 12 12MM
M10x120 1209010 12 12MM
M12X8080551216 16MM
M12X100 1007012 16 16MM
M12X120 1209012 16 16MM
M14X100 10060141818MM
M14X120 1208014 18 18MM
M14X150 15010014 18 18MM
M16X100 10060162020MM
M16X120 1208016 20 20MM
M16X150 15010016 20 20MM

Estão disponíveis tamanhos, acabamentos e materiais personalizados

Need Custom Expansion Bolts for Your Industry?

Como fabricante com 20 anos de experiência na indústria e com uma fábrica equipada com máquinas de precisão, podemos fornecer, desde a consulta até à produção, uma solução única para si.

Sobre nós

Shenzhen Heat Hardware Co., Ltd é um fabricante líder de parafusos personalizados na China, fundado em 2000 anos. Somos especializados em parafusos personalizados, parafusos de segurança, parafusos Sems, parafusos Chicago, parafusos de solda, parafusos longos, micro parafusos, parafusos de polegar, parafusos de ajuste, parafusos personalizados, parafusos de carro, porcas e outros fixadores personalizados. Com mais de 20 anos de experiência no sector. Atendemos mais de 20000 clientes, incluindo a indústria aeroespacial, indústria automotiva, eletrônica, produtos mecânicos e elétricos, robôs, indústria médica, indústria de comunicações, produtos esportivos ao ar livre, aparelhos inteligentes, etc. podemos fornecer um serviço personalizado de fixador único para você, não importa o tipo de fixador personalizado que você precisa.

Perguntas mais frequentes

Wedge anchors are designed not to be used in other masonry materials such as brick or hollow blocks. The expansion clip on the wedge anchor is placed on the anchor body in a manner and location that makes the expansion tolerance location critical.

The anchor bolt allows a smooth screw to be stressed by mechanical locking force; The expansion bolt mainly generates friction by pressing, and the force is applied.

Cast-in-place anchor is traditionally a headed bolt, headed stud, or hooked bolt installed before placing concrete. … Expansion anchor is a post-installed anchor that is inserted into a drilled hole in hardened concrete or masonry. Loads are transferred to the base material by bearing, friction, or both.

Wedge anchors are designed to go into a concrete hole permanently. … Once inserted into the hole in the concrete, the nut is turned clockwise. This action pulls the anchor body up, which slides the expansion clip down the cone-shaped working end of the wedge anchor.

Sometimes, simply removing the screw may reverse the expansion of the anchor. Or, the anchor can be removed simply by pulling it out of the hole. As with all female type anchors, the lag shield anchor can be left in the hole because it will not protrude above the surface.

Drop-in anchors are sometimes confused with wedge anchors. While they both work the same way — they expand and fill the inside of a hole in concrete — the wedge anchor features a conical-shaped hollow bottom. Wedge anchors are usually the better option for applications involving heavy bearing loads.

1. Using a hammer drill and carbide-tipped drill bit, drill a hole the same diameter as the anchor diameter, and at least 1/2″ to 1” deeper than the expected embedment.
2. Clean out the hole of all debris.
3. Set the nut flush with the top of the sleeve anchor.
4. Insert the sleeve anchor through the fixture into the hole in the base material until the washer and nut is tight against the fixture.
5. Turn the nut until finger tight.
6. Use a wrench to set the anchor by turning the nut three to four full turns

The minimum embedded depth is 7 inches (178 mm) and the minimum diameter required is 1/2″ (12.7 mm). These are minimum requirements, however, which is why designers often will decrease the spacing requirement or increase the diameter of the bolt in order to allow for a margin of error.

Toggles, anchors or molly bolts are surprisingly strong. A 1/8 toggle can hold 30 pounds on 1/2-inch drywall and a 3/8-inch toggle can handle a hefty 50 pounds or more safely. When applying any kind of drywall anchor, you should understand how they work and which screw anchor may work best to put into a hollow wall.

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