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Heatfastener is a professional engaged in the production of thumb nuts and bolts and custom screws and 23 years of research and development of screw and bolt, nuts suppliers. We offer nuts in inches and metrics. We can also make your nut per your size and plating specifications. Our nut line has many different materials as well. From plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, various grades of steel, and much more, we can supply your nut with the material you need.

Com certificação ISO9001:2008, iso14001:2004, e especialmente IAFT16949:2009 para a indústria automóvel. Heatfastener oferece parafusos totalmente personalizados e parafusos de acordo com suas necessidades. Nós podemos trazer seu projeto de fixador para a realidade, e tudo de acordo com suas necessidades.

knurled thumb nuts

Thumb Knurled Nuts Details

A thumb nut is any fastener nut that doesn’t require tools to tighten or loosen. These kinds of nuts are typically driven by hand. Tighten a thumb nut without tools, between your thumb and forefinger. The most common types of thumb nuts are wing nuts e porcas serrilhadas. the hex thumb nut and the round knurled thumb nut. Knurled nut features s straight knurling or diamond knurled surface thanks to the use of a knurling cutter, knurling increases friction and facilitates hand gripping, making these nuts suitable for applications where it is easy to assemble and disassemble items by hand That the nut is knurled makes it not slip and is easy to tighten. You do not need any installation tools, just install it with your hand. It is made of good quality anti-corrosion materials, it is durable for you to use.

A knurled thumb nut is a nut with a knurled outside surface, rather than a hex. This makes it easy to tighten by hand, as well as adding a decorative finish. Knurled thumb nuts are used mostly on finished products, such as light fixtures, antique cars, and motorcycles.

Também podemos fabricar estes artigos em materiais especiais e por medida, como abaixo indicado:


  • Aço inoxidável - SS302, SS304, SS316, (boa tenacidade),Aço inoxidável A2 A4
  • Aço - C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20
  • Latão - C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58),C27200CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)
  • Bronze-C51000, C52100, C54400, etc
  • Alumínio - Al6061, Al6063 etc
  • Aço carbono – C1006,C1010,C1018,C1022,C1035K,C1045
  • Liga de aço - SCM435,C10B21,C10B339
  • Outros materiais- Titânio, UNS C11000 Cobre, silício


  • Grau: Grau 4.8, Grau 6.8, Grau 8.8, Grau10.9, Grau12.9, etc.
  • Padrão:GB,DIN,ISO, ANSI/ASTM,BS,BSW,JIS, Métrico, Polegada
  • Acabamento:Liso, H.D.G, Óxido preto, Cromo, Teflon, dacromet, Anodizado, Com nylok
  • Certificados: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015,IATF16949, ROHS
  • Feito à medidaOEM está disponível, de acordo com os requisitos do cliente


Thumb nuts are for applications where something only has to be fastened temporarily or needs to be frequently adjusted, changed, or removed. Since you only need your hands to drive these nuts, they are also useful for situations where you need to fasten something quickly.

Knurled nuts are commonly used in any application where the fasteners will be removed regularly but are not needed for structural support. They can commonly be found on electrical panel covers, precision measuring tools, squares, and service covers. The advantages of using a knurled fastener in this situation are: it improves the ease of removal, deters the possibly over-tightening/stripping, and does not require any tools to manipulate the fastener. However, there are knurled nuts available that have a slot cut into them for the use of a Phillips head screwdriver. This expands the versatility of the nut and provides the option to use tools. Nuts with the Phillips slot are common in applications where vibration is a concern.

Além disso, os nossos parafusos, cavilhas e parafusos personalizados são amplamente utilizados nas seguintes indústrias

  • Eletrónica
  • Petroquímica
  • Produtos de consumo
  • Transporte
  • Agricultura
  • Máquinas pesadas
  • Construção
  • Automóvel
  • Médico
  • Militar
  • Aeroespacial
  • Petróleo e gás

Thumb nuts and knurled nuts are made from grade 304 stainless steel and grade 316 stainless steel, brass, copper, and plastic nylon, sizes are available from M4, M6, M8, M10, M10, M14 to M24

  • Brass thumb nuts
  • Stainless steel thumb nuts
  • Wing nuts
  • Thumb Knurled nuts
  • Rounded knurled nuts

Brass Thumb Nuts Vs Stainless steel

18-8 or 304 grades of Stainless steel are suitable for numerous general objective applications, specifically freshwater and also non-salt water damp environments. Corrosion-resistant and resilient, 18-8 stainless steel is equivalent to the A2 grade of stainless steel. Stainless steel is good for general purpose applications, especially those involving water or freshwater. Suppose you need stainless steel for more corrosive environments, such as marine or saltwater applications. In that case, we recommend the 316 grade of stainless steel.

Brass is an alloy constructed from copper as well as zinc. The shade of brass can vary from dark to light based on the zinc material; even more zinc material creates lighter brass. Brass is prized for its look and is frequently used decoratively. Nevertheless, it is quite soft, so it is not appropriate for all applications. Brass carries out electricity and also is additionally an excellent conductor of heat. Brass is stronger and harder than copper, but not as strong or hard as steel. It has great formability and is resistant to saltwater corrosion.

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Como fabricante com 20 anos de experiência na indústria e com uma fábrica equipada com máquinas de precisão, podemos fornecer, desde a consulta até à produção, uma solução única para si.

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Shenzhen Heat Hardware Co., Ltd é um fabricante líder de parafusos personalizados na China, fundado em 2000 anos. Somos especializados em parafusos personalizados, parafusos de segurança, parafusos Sems, parafusos Chicago, parafusos de solda, parafusos longos, micro parafusos, parafusos de polegar, parafusos de ajuste, parafusos personalizados, parafusos de carro, porcas e outros fixadores personalizados. Com mais de 20 anos de experiência no sector. Atendemos mais de 20000 clientes, incluindo a indústria aeroespacial, indústria automotiva, eletrônica, produtos mecânicos e elétricos, robôs, indústria médica, indústria de comunicações, produtos esportivos ao ar livre, aparelhos inteligentes, etc. podemos fornecer um serviço personalizado de fixador único para você, não importa o tipo de fixador personalizado que você precisa.

Perguntas mais frequentes

Knurled thumb screws são one of the most important types of screws used in various industrial applications. These screws are distinguishable due to their knurled side designs and over-sized heads. These screws can be tightened or loosened manually.

A thumbscrew works thanks to three upright metal bars. The middle bar contained threads for the screw. In between the metal bars, the victim placed their thumbs. The people interrogating the person would slowly turn the screw, which pushed a wooden or metal bar onto the thumbs and squeezed them.

While they are designed to be driven by hand, there are tools for fastening wing nuts specifically. These tools are intended for use in power tools and are ideal if a large number of wing nuts are to be installed.

Knurled bolts are one of the most popular types of fasteners available for purchase today. These bolts are distinguished by the angled, straight or crossed line patterns on their body. These different patterns allow easy grip. Norwood Screw Machine Parts can provide high quality standard and custom knurled bolts.


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