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Heatfastener carries a wide variety of lock pins. we can supply the lock pins you are looking for. If you are looking for a lock pin that is not off the shelf, we can make a lock pin specifically to the dimensions, material, and plating that you need. Heatfastener is a full-service supply company for all your rivet needs.

Heatfastener carries lock pins in metric and inch sizes. We carry them in multiple materials such as stainless steel (300 series, 316, 416) and alloy steel. brass, copper, aluminum, etc. Finish includes black oxide, zinc coating,dacromet, and more. We also offer custom lock pins for your drawings and applications


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Lock Pins Specification

Ball Lock pins have a push button that initiates ball action and retraction. Ball locking design combines secure fastening with”quick release” ease of removal. Double locking ball design increases retention capabilities. Our unique design features both a one-piece, cold-formed body and spindle for increased durability

For quick fastening, locking, adjusting, changing, and securing, Quickly and easily unlockable for frequently repeated connections. High strength, hardened, abrasion-resistant pin with a high load capacity

Magnetic hitch pin allows for easy one-handed hitch and releases easily holds a standard attachment to the lawn tractor hitch assembly without locks or clips, durable steel with a rust-resistant coating is built to last, OEM service is offered.

lock pin stainless steel
custom lock pin

Handle choice is based on clearance, use, and appearance. Our andles are made from either aluminum alloy or stainless steel, the aluminum handles are anodized or E coated black and are available in Ring, Utton, L, T, and Domed configurations, Stainless handles are available in Ring, Button, Nautical Recessed, And Domed configurations.

How do lock pins work?

With a key properly cut and inserted into the groove on the end of the plug, the pins will rise to cause them to align exactly at the shear point. This allows the plug to rotate, thus opening the lock. When the key is not in the lock, the pins straddle the shear point, preventing the plug from rotating.

Lock Pins Types

  • T-Handle
  • L-Handle
  • Button Handle
  • Ring Handle
  • Nautical Handle
  • Dome Handle
  • Detent Pins
  • Alum T
  • Alum L
  • Alum Button
  • SS Button
  • Alum Button
  • Alum Ring
  • SS Ring
  • SS Nautical Recessed
  • Alum Dome
  • SS Dome

lock pin types

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Como fabricante com 20 anos de experiência na indústria e com uma fábrica equipada com máquinas de precisão, podemos fornecer, desde a consulta até à produção, uma solução única para si.


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Perguntas mais frequentes

Locking pins, ball lock pins and split pin locking pins are standard parts of steel or stainless steel. They are used to connect separate components together. Simple to use, they are also very reliable.

Locking pins, ball lock pins and split pin locking pins are standard parts of steel or stainless steel. They are used to connect separate components together. Simple to use, they are also very reliable. This applies in particular to locking pins with lock.

The top pins are all the same size and are flat on both ends. The bottom pins vary in length (in . 023″ increments) and are tapered on both ends. For the lock to work, the cuts of the key must enable the tops of all five bottom pins to be flush with the cylinder plug.

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