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SEMS Screws or SEMS Bolts also called combination screws or combo head screws or pre-assemble screws, are externally threaded fasteners with torquing heads. with a permanently attached washer or set of washers. It is also referred to as captivated washers, screw/bolt-washer assemblies, or combi bolts. combi bolt offers the following: Ensures faster product assembly, thanks to pre-assembled and pre-lubricated parts. low-cost fastener. With washers under the head, SEM fasteners allow for fast installation, permanence, and easy adaptability to many applications. When using SEMS machine screws, there’s no need to worry about the washer going missing; this, in turn, helps extend product life and ensure reliable performance.

The benefits of SEMS Screws

Custom SEMS screws can provide several advantages, specifically when it concerns rapid and also simple setup choices. A number of one of the most considerable advantages are as adheres to.

.SEMS screws can enable faster setting up of items as a result of their pre-assembled and also lubed components. This can enhance both your result and also efficiency generally.
.The custom-made SEMS Screws choices can additionally assist reduce failings connected to inappropriate installing or missing out on washers Since SEMS screws have actually completely attached washers, or collections of washers, any type of failings connected to missing out on washers is extremely alleviated.
.SEMS screws function well in items with little measurements, enabling smooth assimilation as well as setting up with a reduced threat of mistake or failure.
.Solution on components that are hard to get to can likewise gain from SEMS screws, as they can aid make the procedure simpler as well as more secure.
.Supply, as well as logistics, can be less complicated to properly track as washers, as well as screws, will not need to be represented individually.
.Disassembly is likewise made substantially simpler as you will not need to fret about loosened washers obtaining lodged or embedded touched openings.
In addition, SEMS screws are easily offered as well as price economical. They are likewise offered in many mixes, permitting you to tailor them to satisfy your precise layout or automation demands. When picking the screws that are right for you, ensure to consider your style, in addition to the coating of the screws as well as the SEMS screw manufacturer. Every one of these can assist you to develop protected and also cosmetically pleasing items that you can really feel happy with. 

SEMS Screws Types

They are many types of SEMS Screws, divided from screw thread, head, drive, materials.

  • Head Types – Hexagon; Pan; Socket Cap/Button; Round; Cheese
  • Thread Types – Machine Screw; Self Tapping; Thread Cutting; Thread Forming; Captive
  • Drive Types – Pozi; Phillips; Slotted; Combi; 6 Lobe; Hex; Other
  • Washer Types – Flat; Spring; Square; Conical; Internal Tooth; External; Single or Double
  • Material – Brass, Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, Others
  • Thread Size – M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M12, M14, M16 and others, Metric or Inch

Perguntas mais frequentes

A combi head screw is a mechanical fastener with a head that’s designed to engage with more than one type of driver. Combi head screws, also called combination head or combo head screws, are externally threaded fasteners with torquing heads

SEMS screws (or SEM screws) are machine screws with lock washers pre-attached to save users assembly time. They combine two separate parts into one pre-asSEMbled, low cost fastener.

SEMS are a bolt combination with a permanently attached washer or set of washers. It is also referred to as captivated washers, screw/bolt-washer assemblies or combi bolts. The word SEMS originates from The Illinois Tool Works Inc., who made machines that produced pre-asSEMbled washers and screws.

Most SEMs Screws are Hex, Hex Washer or Pan head, which are measured from the BOTTOM surface of the screw head

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