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What are Locking Fasteners and Locking Bolts?

Locking fasteners include locking screws, lock nuts, and locking bolts which are used over traditional threaded fasteners when vibration, shock, or other dynamic forces are present, which may reduce the stability of connections between fastened elements. locking bolts also called lock bolts which bolts that lock in place when installed so they won’t loosen over time, even with extreme stress and vibration.

Locking fasteners provide quick assembly in multiple applications, including electronics, aerospace, and others. They are used to fasten a variety of components and products, including terminal boards, circuit boards, tube sockets, and sub-assemblies.

The benefits of locking bolts

The screws may loosen over time by vibration during the working process, and the working pressure is changed which may cause the deformation of the screw thread and cause the change of the preload, then cause the screw to loosen. Usually, screws have a self-locking function and generally will not loosen under static load. Some people use spring washers, which can increase the contact pressure and thus increase the friction, or apply screw glue. The screws can be effectively bonded to prevent loosening, and there are regular inspections, and if they are loose, they can be tightened in time. But these are not long-term solutions. The best way is to get self-locking screws directly. The benefits are below

  • Anti-loose function, which can resist any long-term continuous vibration without the screw loosening.
  • It can be used repeatedly without affecting the fixed anti-loosening function
  • It has good chemical resistance, because its chemical composition is multi-component composite polyamide resin, which is inert, and general solvents (benzene, ether, ketone, gasoline, diesel, acid, alkali, etc.) do not react.
  • Temperature resistance, general products can be stored at minus 40 ℃ to 80 ℃ and their performance is stable, special products can be stored at minus 54 ℃ to 150 ℃ and their performance is stable.
  • can be stored, generally, 4 years of performance will not change
  • The material is environmentally friendly. The coating is inspected according to “SGS” and conforms to the EU ROHS directive. According to the relevant test methods of IEC62321.2008, no toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and hexavalent chromium have been detected, and no polyamorous compounds have been detected. Benzene and polyamorous biphenyl ethers are toxic substances, which are environmentally friendly products

We have two types of locking bolts, one is a nylok patch, apply nylon glue to the thread, that is, glued screws, which can also be called anti-loosening screws. Using the resilience of engineering resin materials, the screw and nut can be squeezed to meet the resistance to vibration and impact during the locking process to solve the problem of screw loosening.

The other is a half-thread screw that can not be loosened, also called captive screws, that is, half is a polished rod and half is a thread. The screw structure itself does not have the function of preventing and falling off. It is mainly realized by the connection method between the connected parts, and the small-diameter thread of the screw is clamped on the mounting hole of the connected parts through the corresponding structure to realize the locking function.

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