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Self Locking Step Bolts

Self Locking Step Bolts

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Brand: Torx Tamperproof

Self-locking means that the lead screw nut and lead screw cannot be moved without external force. It has to do with the pitch and coefficient of friction. The self-locking ability allows the user to eliminate a costly brake in many applications, predominantly when the application is in a vertical orientation

Self locking with nylon patch.A thread locking patch is a simple concept. The threaded area of the screw is treated with a dot of nylon, or a layer that wraps completely around it. The patch increases the prevailing torque and provides excellent vibration resistance, allowing the screw to be locked in any position when assembled

Step bolts feature a wider, lower-profile, round head and are similar to carriage bolts in bearing surface and square-neck design. Step bolts are commonly used in decking applications, or where wood is bolted down because the larger diameter head of the step bolt will not pull through the soft wood

If you can’t find the size or item you are looking for on our website, it is unlikely to be a standard size. In this case, we can also offer a specials service for non standard thread diameters and lengths.

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