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Heatfastener carries a wide variety of square washers. we can supply the washers you are looking for. If you are looking for a washer that is not off the shelf, we can make washers specifically to the dimensions, material, and plating that you need. Our custom washers runs can be as low as 100 pieces all the way to hundreds of thousands. We can supply washers as small as 0.062 inside diameter all the way to 12”.  If you are looking for a thin washer (0.002” thick) to a thicker washer, 1/2” thick, we can supply it. We can also supply the plating you need, from common zinc, and zinc/yellow to Magni coatings. Heatfastener can do special washers in many materials, from steel, to harden steel, brass, plastic, various grades of stainless steel, exotic materials such as Inconel, silicon bronze, and many more.

Though they can seem like such a little thing, washers can play a significant role in any application. At Heatfastener Manufacturing, we manufacture custom washers for any industry—whether it’s aerospace, agriculture, automotive, or more. When you are needing washers for a project, consider using square washers, like the ones we offer.

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Square Washer Specification

Washers are typically thin pieces of material with a hole in the middle that is used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut. They can also be used as a wear pad, to reduce vibration, or as a locking device.

Heatfastener square washers can be manufactured with outside diameters anywhere from .05″ to 6.” We can even produce thicknesses from .0005″ all the way up to .260.” We have over 300 raw materials in stock, so you can feel confident we’ll design the perfect square washer for you.

One benefit to using square washers is their durability. In the architecture industry, square washers are often used in constructing buildings, because testing has shown that square washers will function better than a round washer during an earthquake. Round washers tend to fold up and split during an earthquake, especially when the sill plate hole is oversized. Square washers, on the other hand, won’t have this issue.

Square washers are used for limited space applications where a standard washer will not fit. The flat sides can also prevent the washer from rotating.

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Types Of Square Washers

Square washers are beneficial to use instead of standard round washers when leveling, or alignment is needed for an application. Like round washers, square washers are often used to distribute a larger load, but they also perform as shims and add the advantage of providing edge-to-edge contact to resist turning, as well as providing a larger bearing surface as compared to a round washer.

Bevel washers are square or rectangular washers with a beveled 1 to 6 ratio surface, to compensate for a lack of parallelism in structural components. The beveled surface allows for a snug fit between both the flat and the sloped material that is being bolted together, which creates a solid and tight fit overall.

Square Washers called construction square plate washers can be used instead of the round washers for applications such as timber buildings and concrete floors; they are used with all fasteners for larger load distribution and bolting through a wall or timber. While disc washers operate solely as load distributors, square flat washers serve a second role. Their thick metal forms have that standard bolt opening in the center, plus a wide surface area, a feature that spreads torque and head load, but they also perform as shims. That means the bolt crown can be lifted away from the anchored part. It also means that a multi-surface project won’t deform or bend when the fastener is tightened.

  • Square Plate Washers.
  • Malleable Iron Bevel Washers.
  • ASTM F436 Bevel Washers. …
  • Black or Plain Finish Square Washers.
  • Galvanized Flat Washers.

Square Washer Sizes Chart

For Nominal Thread Diameter M10M12M16M20M22M24M27M30M33M36M39M2M45M48M52
dmin=nominal size1113.517.5222426303336394245485256
smax=nominal size3040506070809095100110125135140150160
hNominal Size34556666688881010
square washer chart

We provide all kinds of custom square washers including inches and metrics, like Like1/2,3/8,5/8,3×3 washers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Square washers are used for limited space applications where a standard washer will not fit. The flat sides can also prevent the washer from rotating.

Bevel washers are square or rectangular washers with a beveled 1 to 6 ratio surface.

square washer connects a metal framing channel when used with a 3/8 in. bolt. The washer is made of hot rolled carbon steel. The gold galvanized finish provides superior protection from moisture.