Pan Head Machine Screws

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Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws

Type: Stainless steel screws, Phillips screws, Pan Head Machine Screws

Material: Stainless steel/Carbon steel

Finish: Passivated


Standard: Inches, Metric


Round Head Screws Vs Pan Head Screws

Pan head machine screws and round head screws are often difficult to distinguish because of their similar shapes, which will cause confusion for purchasers. In fact, different screw head shapes have different uses. The main difference between pan head screws and round head screws:

  1. The difference in appearance: the most intuitive difference is the appearance, of course, here mainly refers to the head shape. The head of the round head screw is round and semicircular when viewed from the side, while the head of the pan head screw is round and trapezoidal when viewed from the side.
  2. Differences in the scope of definition: Round head screws cover a wider range. As long as the head of the screw is round, it can be called a round head screw, but if it is a pan head, it can only be called a pan head screw. Round head screws include pan head screws, large flat head screws, and so on. In short, as long as the screw head is the round head, it can be called a round head screw.
  3. The difference in groove type: the round head screw has only one head type of slot is slotted round head screws, and the pan head screw has a cross (Phillips pan head screws)and slot head types (slotted pan head screws)to choose from.
  4. Differences in application: Both pan head screws and round head screws have the characteristics of insulation, non-magnetic, anti-corrosion, and beautiful appearance. industry etc. The head of the pan head screw has an obvious arc, which is generally used on internal workpieces or invisible workpieces. Because of the head shape of the round head screw, the semicircular screw head is exposed to the installed surface after installation. Often Used on workpieces that do not require a high fastening appearance.
  5. The difference in material usage: Pan head screws and round head screws are of the same specification, round head screws are significantly larger than pan head screws in terms of volume, weight, and surface area.

Pan head screws have many types, the very common are pan head wood screws, pan head self tapping screws, pan head machine screws, Pozi pan head self tapping screws, and more. Round head screws have round head wood screws,round head machine screws, and more.

Heatfastener is a professional custom pan head screw manufacturer and supplier in China with over 20 years of industry experience. materials are brass, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium and we can make them as per custom drawing and needs.

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