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Shenzhen Heat Hardware Co.,Ltd are screw manufacturer with over 20 years specializing in custom fasteners for aerospace,automotive,electronics,mechanical and electrical products,Robot,Medical industry,communications industry,Outdoor sport products,smart appliances etc ,our main products are stainless steel screw,brass screw,steel screw,sems screws,security screws,torx screw,Micro screw,precision screw,nylon patch screw,self tapping screw.plastic head screw.electronic screw,Chicago screw.bolt,nuts,and other fasteners ,we can provide one-stop fastener customized service for you.

Production equipment:

With various types of multi-station forging forming machine, two-mode four-stroke machine, hollow rivet machine, thread rolling machine, CNC lathe, program-controlled precision lathe, precision drilling, precision grinding, milling, general automatic lathe, rachis, stainless steel high-temperature heat treatment furnaces and other equipment, we can processing Metric, BS, ANSI fasteners and non-standard shaped products which their diameters ranging from 1mm to 10mm, and length 2mm to 100mm.Stainless steel raw materials use 302HQ, 304HC, 304M, 316C, 316L, XM7 and dozens of imported stainless steel to ensure the products can meet the A2, 70; A2-80 and A4-80 performance requirements and high anti-rust ability. Through anti-rust treatment, stainless steel products can last more than 72 hours in the salt spray test, even up to 1000 hours. Dozens of imports of carbon steel raw materials are made of SWRCH22A, SWRCH18A, SWRCH15A, SWRCH10A, SWRCH8A, SWRCH6A, SWRCH35K, SWRCH45K, ML08AL, ML40CR, XGM6, 10B21, 10B33, SCM435, 30GrMnTi, ML20MnTiB, 50BV30, 20CrMo, GCr15, CH1T, Q195LY etc. so that products can meet the Grade 4.8, Grade 8.8, Grade 10.9, Grade 12.9 product requirements and the requirements of high-strength products.Also Aluminium,brass,Titanium material are available.

Testing instruments:

To ensure the quality and performance of the manufacturing, as a China screw manufacturer, our company is equipped with all kinds of professional testing equipment: universal testing machine, hardness tester, torque, metallographic analyzer, projectors, imager, and salt spray test machine and so on. Professional inspection: digital micrometer, inside and outside diameter micrometer, a micrometer head, triangular thread odd micrometer, a few significant vernier caliper, thread ring gauges and thread plug gauge and other professional testing equipment.

Implementation standards:

We can produce all kinds of fasteners in accordance with standards of GB DIN, JIS, ANSI and manufacture custom parts according to customer requirements. Our company is with excellent quality, innovative technology, reasonable prices and perfect service! Customers at home and abroad are warmly welcome to cooperate with us!


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We have a variety of production requirements of equipment, can meet any customized demands. can provide comprehensive fastener solutions. Anything you need can make by Heatscrew.

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