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Heatfastener carries a wide variety of dowel pins. we can supply the dowel pins you are looking for. If you are looking for a dowel pin that is not off the shelf, we can make a dowel pin specifically to the dimensions, material, and plating that you need. Heatfastener is a full-service supply company for all your rivet needs.

Heatfastener carries dowel pins in metric (DIN 6325) and in inch size. We carry them in multiple materials such as stainless steel (300 series, 316, 416) and alloy steel. brass, copper, aluminum, etc. We also offer custom dowel pins for your drawings and applications


Brass dowel pin

Dowel Pins Specification

Dowel pin is short cylindrical rods that are made up of either metal, plastic, or wood, these pins are used to align or join two or more components in machinery, construction, and furniture making, they have many uses, such as aligning machine components during assembly for consistent results or joining stone and concrete in masonry

Similar to traditional wooden dowels, dowel pin is small steel rods machined to a high tolerance for accurately locating and alignment. their added strength means greater reliability and assurance over time without the concern for wood rot.Dowel pins typically come in metric sizes with 1mm diameter increments for ease of use in most aplications

dowel pin stainless steel
custom dowel pin

Application of Dowel pin

The dowel pin is a smooth cylinder pin that is made with tight tolerances to ensure precision. They can be used in the same manner as groove pins when exact precision is needed and they can also be used as a location guide for machine parts

Dowel pins are often used as precise locating devices in machinery, steel dowel pin is machined to tight tolerance, as are the corresponding holes, which are typically reamed, a dowel pin may have a smaller diameter than its hole so that it freely slips in, or a larger diameter so that it must be pressed into its hole

ISO M6 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins Sizes

dowel pin sizes
Screw Thread(d) Φ1Φ1.5Φ2Φ2.5Φ3Φ4Φ5Φ6Φ8Φ10Φ12Φ16Φ20
d m6 max 1.0081.5082.0082.5083.0084.0125.0126.0128.01510.01512.01816.01820.021
d m6 nin 1.0021.5022.0022.5023.0024.0045.0046.0048.00610.00612.00716.00720.008
c ≈
dowel pin dimensions chart

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a manufacturing setting, dowel pins are solid, headless, cylindrical metal rods that have been machined to specific tolerances. These pins are typically used to align, locate, or join component to absorb lateral stress. However, they can also be used as a pivot, shaft, or hinge

dowels are the strongest method for creating this type of joint. The dowel joint in solid oak failed at an average of 650 pounds pressure, mortise and tenon joints failed at 500 pounds and biscuits failed at 325 pounds. Variations in the pressure at failure was less than 5 percent

Diameter: Ideally, the diameter of the dowel should be approximately 1/3 – and never more than 1/2 – of the thickness of the wood being joined. For example, if your product is 1” thick, you should be considering a dowel pin 3/8” in diameter. If your product is 1-1/4” thick, a 7/16” diameter would be more suitable.

Alternatives to steel dowel pins include roll pins (slotted or spiral), grooved pins and cotter pins

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