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Heatfastener carries a wide variety of plastic rivets. we can supply the rivets you are looking for. If you are looking for a rivet that is not off the shelf, we can make washers specifically to the dimensions, material, and plating that you need. Heatfastener is a full-service supply company for all your rivet needs. We carry blind rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and solid rivets. we also supply the tools to help you install the rivets.  We offer hand rivet tools, plastic rivet tools, and air/hydraulic tools as well. We supply more than just rivets, we also supply rivet nuts in many different styles.
We offer more than just off-the-shelf rivets. We also manufacture custom rivets. We can offer special make solid or semi-tubular rivets from 1/32 to 3/8 diameter.
Head styles: Blind rivets: Button head, large flange, and 120 degrees countersunk.
Semi-tubular rivets: Oval, truss, 100 degrees countersunk, 90 degrees countersunk, 78 degree countersunk, flathead, and brake line head style.Solid rivets: Roundhead, pan, 100 degree countersunk, 90 degrees countersunk, and flathead.

 Heatfastener Specialty Manufacturing has been working with original equipment manufacturers for over 100 years, providing excellent and timely customer service. Our team of highly trained professionals utilizes only the latest technology and processing methods to manufacture all of our flat washers. We carefully monitor each washer to be sure it is made to precision. You’ll be satisfied with the end results.

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Plastic Rivets Specification

Plastic rivets or Nylon Rivets tend to be cylindrical, headed fasteners that can be either pushed or pressed into place when securing items together as permanent fastening solutions and are actually used all around us across a whole host of applications.

Types of Plastic Rivets

Our huge variety of rivets functions in various kinds as well as designs depending on your application. Among our prominent selections with our clients is what’s commonly referred to as the push-in rivets or merely, the push rivet. Pick from arrowhead clip, countersunk, fir tree, broadening rivets among others however we happily supply lots of plastic push rivets. Likewise consisted of in our variety are snap rivets, In regards to our barbed rivets, generally called pop rivets, they make certain rapid and also simple setup and also can be related to numerous products such as timber, steel and also rubber.

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Application of Plastic Rivets

Plastic rivet bolts have numerous applications. These tiny, apparently useless products can be utilized in computer systems, home appliances, furnishings, electronic devices, building and construction, child’s playthings, service equipment, and also mobile homes. There is also a plastic rivet made for rockets. Yes, the kind you release.

Given that plastic rivets do offer a selection of applications, it just complies with that there is a certain dimension, configuration, and also design completely appropriate for every application. Therefore you will certainly discover these plastic rivet bolts in various styles. Although, maybe to the inexperienced eye, they might look the exact same from afar, however up close they will certainly each have certain distinctions.

Some plastic rivet bolts might be mounted by hand or by a machine. The one-piece bolt including a pre-driven pin is one such rivet. The one-piece bolt is utilized for any type of application that asks for a front install, detachable (and also multiple-use) push-type plastic rivet.

The Pro-Lok Rivet, for instance, could look comparable to the two-prong pre-driven rivet. However, the Pro-Lok is really made for applications where its look matters. It’s smooth and also over sized head is contoured as well as brightened so it looks a little bit much more completed than the two-prong pre-driven rivet.

The various other kinds of plastic rivet bolts consist of: the ratchet rivets, which are meant for stiff as well as compressible products; the R-Tite rivet, which includes a two-piece R-Tite layout and also enables a regulated hold array; the snap rivets, which completely flat panels with each other, as well as these rivets are additionally utilized where a completed head is needed on both sides.

Some plastic rivet bolts can protect almost any kind of product. R-Lok’s plastic development rivet is one such instance. Its layout allows it to be made use of for a large range of applications. Yet this rivet is specifically efficient for urethane, rubber, cushioned textiles, and also various other soft products.

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Plastic rivets, like their conventional counterparts, are also used in a variety of applications including electronics, computers, furniture, toys, and vehicles. The chief advantage of using these rivets is that they can hold materials together securely, making it difficult to separate these

These removable push rivets provide a reusable solution when fixing panels or components together.