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Screws– Stainless steel screws.brass screws. set screw. captive screws.Weld screws.Machine Screws.Micro Screws.Chicago Screws.Thumb Screws.Custom Screws.Standoff Screws.

Bolts – Hex Bolts.Carriage Bolts.T Bolts.Eye Bolts.Flange Bolts.Custom Bolts.Expansion Bolts.Hollow Bolts.Stud Bolts.Hanger Bolts.

Nuts – Cap Nuts.Thumb Nuts. Thumb Nuts. Barrel Nuts. Thread Insert. Weld Nuts. Rivet Nuts. Hex Nuts.

Washer -Flat Washer. Spring Washer. Square Washer.

Custom Screws

Head Type: Truss Head Screws.Hex Head Screws. Pan Head Screws. Flat Heat Screws. Low Profile Head Screws. Fillister Head Screws. Pan Head Washer Screws.

Thread: Machine Screws, Metal Thread Forming, Plastic thread Forming. From M0.6 or larger, Custom Metric or Standard Size.

Materials:Stainless steel,Titanium,Carbon steel,Aluminum,Brass,Copper .Wide Variety Of various materials

Finishes: Zinc plated,nickel-plated,passivation,Dacromet.Black Oxide.


Application: Automotive,Bicycle.Motorcycle.Truck Vehcile.Furniture.Robort,Smart Products.Phone.Motor.Medical.Electronics

Specialty Custom Screws And Bolts Products

Heatscrew is your trusted fastener partner specializing in custom screws and custom bolts. With more than 22years in the fastener industry and rich customized experience. Service over 10000customers, we know more about screws, bolts, and other fasteners. That means we are your best screws suppliers and bolts manufacturers in China.


Frequently Asked Questions

Heatscrew is a professional screw and Bolt Factory, Not a Trading Company

Yes, If we have in stock, the samples are free, the customer just need to pay shipping cost, if it is custom made screw, the customer need to pay mold cost, and the samples are free

All our processes strictly adhere to ISO9001 procedures. We have strict quality control from production to delivery. Our company had strong technology support, 80% of our colleagues are master’s or bachelor’s degrees. We have cultivated a group of managers who are familiar with product quality, good at the modern concept of management.

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Production Process

We have a variety of production requirements of equipment, can meet any customized demands. can provide comprehensive fastener solutions. Anything you need can make by Heatscrew.

Material Preparation

Threading Rolling

Automatic Lathe

CNC Process

Final Test

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