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Heatfastener is the best supplier,manufactuer, factory of custom self tapping screws in China,With IATF16949 Certified,Also Factory passes ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

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Custom Self Tapping Screws Details

Heatfastener is a leading custom self tapping screws supplier and manufacturer, normally self tapping screws materials are stainless steel or carbon steel, while titanium, aluminum, brass materials are also available for us. Thread size can be customized Metric or Inch stardard from M1 to M20. Screws Head type and Drive types also can be customized.

The Self Tapping Screw as known as a self-threading screw is the screw that has the ability to create its own thread into the material when it is turned, unlike self drilling screws, self-tapping screws need a pilot hole to be pre-drilled before installation, in some cases we can say Self-tapping screws include thread cuttingthread rolling, and self-drilling screws

Self Tapping Screw Applications

Self-tapping screws are used for all sorts of materials including wood, metal, and brick. plastic. which are commonly used in attaching two pieces of material together where you can only access one side of the material. These screws cannot drill through metal and require a pilot hole to be pre-drilled before installation.

Self Tapping Screw Types

Head Type-Hex, Pan, Flat, Round, Oval, Truss, Socket, Button

self tapping screw head types
  • BUTTON HEAD: Screws with this head type are used for stitching thin steel together and the large head provides a good clamping force on the materials being fixed.
  • BUGLE HEAD: In the smaller gauges up to 8–gauge, this head style is generally used for plasterboard as it does not damage the face of the sheet. The 14-gauge screws with this head style are often used for landscaping and fixing heavy-duty decking boards
  • COUNTERSUNK (CSK) HEAD: This head style is used in a broad range of timber applications where a flush finish is required for the fixing, and the ribs countersink the screw into the timber. It also comes in a variety of drive types depending on the application.
  • FLAT HEAD / FLUSH HEAD: This head style is a low-profile type typically used where cladding is to be fixed over the top, including where plasterboard is fixed to a steel house frame. It is imperative that the head sits absolutely flat
  • HEX FLANGE HEAD: This head style is used for a broad range of applications including roofing, cladding, and timber fabrication, and comes in a range of gauges for heavier-duty applications.
  • PAN HEAD: This head style is used with general-purpose fasteners for fixing thin steel to steel or timber substrate.
  • WAFER HEAD: This head style is mainly used for fixing a variety of generally lighter materials to a steel or timber substrate.

Thread type-Type AB, Type A, Type B, Type BP, Type C, Type D, Type F, Type G, Type T, Type BF, Type U, Standard, Self drilling

  • Type A: Type A tapping screws have coarse threads and gimlet points. They are used in thin metal, resinous plywood, and various composite boards.
  • Type AB: Type AB tapping screws have spaced threads and gimlet points. Like Type A, they are used in thin metal, resinous plywood, and various composite boards. Type AB screws offer a wider range of applications over Type A screws.
  • Type B: Type B tapping screws have spaced threads and a blunt point with incomplete entering threads. They are used in thin metal, nonferrous castings, resinous plywood, plastics, and various composite boards.
  • Type F: Type F screws have machine screw threads with a blunt point and tapered entering edges, with one or more cutting edges and chip removal indentations. They are used in nonferrous castings, steel sheets, plastics, brass, cast iron, etc

Thread size Micro self tapping screw size M2, and M3 , M3.5, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9,M10, M12, 14,M16 to M36 and customized, Metric and Inches.

self tapping screw thread types

Drive Type– Slotted, Phillips, Pozi, Hex, Snake Eye, Socket, Socket Pin, Square, Tri-Wing, Torq-Set, Torx, Torx Pin, One Way, Pentalobular, Polydrive, Spline etc

self tapping screw drive types
  • Hex External – has a hexagonal head that sticks out from the surface and can have a built in flange.
  • Hex Internal – require an Allen wrench to install and are used where it is necessary to avoid slippage that can occur with a slot or Phillips‘ driver.
  • Phillips – is a common type of driver. It has a centered cross shape, which keeps the screw in place while being driven.
  • Pozidrive – are like a Phillips‘ drive but have more grooves to give the impression of a star shape. They require a specially designed drive bit.
  • Quadrex – is a combination of Phillips and a square recessed drive. They look like a Phillips‘ drive with a squared cross section and not pointed.
  • Slotted – have one narrow opening for flat head drive tools. Slotted drives are a common type of drive and generally what people think of when speaking of screws. The slotted drive type is less expensive to produce than Phillips drives.
  • Square Recessed – have a square center to prevent cam outs. They require a square shaped extended drive and are known as Robertson drives.
  • Star – have a double square Robertson drive with two squares to form an eight point star or have three Robertson squares to form a 12 point star.
  • TORX – has a six point star shape. They have become very popular in the assembly of appliances and electronic equipment since they prevent cam out.
  • Tri-Wing – has three slotted wings with a small triangular hole in the center. The slots are offset and deep allowing for the application of greater torque.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The activity of driving the screw in will certainly lead to the self-tapping screw reducing a thread right into the product and also protecting the products with each other. Self-tapping screws are usually utilized to protect timber, plastic, steel and also block with each other. There are 2 kinds of self-tapping screws, thread-forming as well as thread-cutting.

Self-tapping screws touch their very own thread, which indicates they need a pilot opening which is somewhat smaller sized than the size of the screw. … Because of that, they do not need a pilot opening because of the drill little bit end, and also they were developed to protect slices of steel with each other

Yes,self-tapping screws go through metal self-tapping screws only need pilot holes when used.

Self-drilling screws and self-tapping screws, while sharing some similarities, have distinct features that make them suitable for specific applications. Self-drilling screws have a built-in drill bit at the tip, allowing them to create their own pilot hole and eliminating the need for a separate drilling operation. They are ideal for metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal applications. Self-tapping screws, on the other hand, require a pre-drilled hole and create their own threads as they are driven into the material. They are versatile and suitable for woodworking, plastic, and thin sheet metal applications