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What is a thread cutting screw?

Thread cutting screws are types of self-tapping screws and are designed to be inserted into an existing hole. When applied, thread cutting screws create a thread in the material they are applied to, Typically used with wood or metal, thread cutting screws do not exert the same about of stress as a thread forming screw does.

Types of Thread Cutting Screws

Type 17 Point: A thread cutting screw for wood with a coarse tapping screw thread and a special long sharp point fluted to capture chips. Type 17 points can also be on Hi-Lo, deep root, deck screws, and particle board screws.

Type 1 Point: Type 1 Thread Cutting Screws have machine screw threads, a blunt point, and tapered threads. The primary difference from Type F is that Type 1 Screws contain only one cutting edge.

Type 23 Point: Type 23 Thread Cutting Screws use a different style of cutting edge than Type F and Type 1. Instead of a line cut into the tip of the screw, they feature a large cut-out triangular area to allow for more clearance of materials. use in a softer metal die castings such as aluminum, and zinc

Type 25 Point: Type 25 Thread Cutting Screws offer widely spaced threads, unlike the other styles of thread-cutting screws. Like Type 23, they have a large area of the tip cut out for material clearance. this screw is ideal for plastic as it reduces the driving torque required, permits chips to fall free more easily, and greatly reduces the stress on the material it is penetrating. Its qualities also reduce fracturing in more brittle plastics

Type F Point: Type F Thread Cutting Screws feature machine screw threads, a blunt point, tapered ending threads, and multiple cutting edges near the tip. Two subgroups of Type F Screws are Floorboard and Grounding Screws. Type F thread cutting screws have four cutting notches and are used to make fastenings to castings, forgings, heavy sheet metal, structural steel, plywood, and even plastics

Thread Cutting Screws Dimensions Sizes

Screw Thread(d)M3M4M5M6M8
dkmax=nominal size5.58.49.311.315.8
kmax=nominal size1.652.
Socket No.12234

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