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Heatfastener is a nuts supplier and manufacturer for all your rivet needs. Heat Fasteners, an industrial nuts manufacturer, supplies a wide range of nuts. We offer nuts in inches and metrics. We can also make your nut per your size and plating specifications. Our nut line has many different materials as well. From plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, various grades of steel, and much more, we can supply your nut with the material you need.

Our nut line includes the following:

  • Slotted nut
  • Specialty nut
  • Thread insert
  • thumb nut
  • weld nut
  • rivet nut
  • hex nut
  • round nut
  • wing nut
  • Machine screw nuts
  • clip nut
  • flange nut
  • T nut
  • Spring nut
  • lock nut
  • square nut
  • cap nut
  • eye nut
  • cage nut
  • Coupling nuts
  • Castle nut
  • keps nuts
  • nonserrated flange nuts
  • jam nuts
  • wheel nuts
  • speed nuts
  • axle nuts
  • Tee Nuts
  • Heavy hex nuts



Nuts Types

  • Nylon insert jam lock: A nylock nut with a reduced height
  • Wing: A nut with wings for hand tightening
  • Cap: A nut with a domed top over the end of the fastener
  • Acorn: Acorn nuts are a high crown type of cap nut, used for appearance
  • Flange: A nut with a built-in washer-like flange
  • Tee: A nut designed to b driven into the wood to create a threaded hole
  • Square: A four-sided nut
  • prevailing torque lock: a nonreversible lock nut used for high-temperature applications
  • K lock or Kep: A nut with an attached free-spinning external tooth lock washer
  • Coupling: Coupling nuts are long nuts used to connect pieces of threaded rods or other male fasteners
  • Slotted: Slotted nuts are used in conjunction with a cotter pin on drilled shank fasteners to prevent loosening
  • Castle: Castle nuts are used in conjunction with a cotter pin on drilled shank fasteners to prevent loosening
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Need Custom Nut for Your Industry?

As a 20-year industry experience manufacturer with a factory equipped with precision machines, we can provide, from consultation to production, a one-stop solution for you.

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