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Send us inquiry
Customers can send us an inquiry with details, we will reply within 12hours. You can tell us in the following info

  • What is material do you need?
  • What is finish do you need?
  • The application for this part
  • Order Quantities you need
  • Send us a drawing

Custom and Samples

Once we receive your drawing or details, we will quote you within 24hours. and customers confirm the prices, we will send our final drawing for customer confirmation, if customers approve, we will proceed with samples and send them to test.

Normally the samples will pass at one time, but if it is not, we will make the second sample until the customer is satisfied.

Produce And test
Once the customer tested samples and it is ok, we will prepare the raw material and start production, we have IQC and finished products inspection,10 processes to ensure the quality

We ensure our quality is best of the best

  • Optical image screening machine
  • Spectra analysis instrument
  • Hardness tester
  • Salt spray tester
  • Optical projector
  • High Precision Laboratory

Shipment and After Sales Service

Once the cargo is ready, we will inform customers if they have any requirements for the packaging, We will deliver as customer needs, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, Or By Sea. Once the customer has any questions, we will solve them the first time

  • One-stop solution for all your custom fasteners requirements
  • Low-high volume order handling capability
  • 24-hour manufacturing service to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Over 99% customer satisfaction with back-to-back orders.
  • No minimum order requirement for any type of custom screws
  • Free custom screw design by our experts and professionals
    Fastest manufacturing time;
  • On-time shipment with full customer support and order tracking

Quality Control Process

With more than 22year customized fastener experience. We have already built a perfect complete quality control system from the material incoming, Cold forming, thread rolling, Heat treatment, plating, final shipment.


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