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Half Nuts

Features: Stainless steel nuts, DIN nuts

Materials: Stainless steel; Finish coating: Passivated

Heatfastener is a professional custom fasteners manufacturer and supplier, not only screws but also bolts and other fasteners. Material can be stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, or aluminum. etc. Metric and Inches are available. Non-standard sizes, materials, and finishes are available to order as specials, including small volume manufacture.

The half nut is a screw nut split lengthwise so that either one part may be arranged to ride on a screw or the two parts may be arranged to clamp about a screw

Half nuts also called Hex Lock Nuts, Jam Nuts are thin nuts that lock another hexagon nut in place by clamping without exerting force when tightened. The Hex Lock Nuts can also be used when a standard Hex Nut would not fit. Half Nuts are made to DIN standard 439 and are popular in applications requiring higher thread engagement. They are often used in conjunction with similar bolts or screws and have been used for decades across the world in a range of different assembly types.

The difference between Half nuts and full nuts.

Hexagon full nuts, also just known as full nuts, are versatile nuts used for securely fastening machine threaded screws or bolts. Full nuts are by far the most commonly used type of nut to fasten machine threaded fasteners. They can be used singularly, or as pairs to create a locking effect. Half Nuts. Are also known as half-thickness nuts or split nuts; these are used as locknut or jam nuts. Often used in pairs or in conjunction with a hexagon full nut in a locking arrangement.

DIN439 Nuts Dimensions and Sizes

e min3.284.185.315.875.877.58.6310.8914.2
k max11.
k min0.
s max3.2455.55.5881013
s min2.

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