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How To Make Custom Screws?

How To Make Custom Screws? Screws are very familiar in our life and We have been written numerous kinds of custom screws information and other screws type like captive screws, machine screws, micro screws, etc, While you may wondering how to make a custom screw, and is it very completed?

How To Make Custom Screws Step1-Picking up the right materials.

How To Make Custom Screws? first of all, you need to know which materials do you need as for customers’ requirements. this depends on the different applications.Screws material are normally stainless steel A2,A4,brass,copper,aluminum,carbon steel,titanium and etc.Once we get the material ready, we need a wire rod and Skin pass and put them into machines.

How To Make Custom Screws Step2-Head Forming

First, a wire is fed through a pre-straightening machine. punch moves to prepare the wire for forming, and then the second punch moves to forge the wire again and form the finished product. head) are different. Some complex screws may require multiple punches to form together, which requires multi-station equipment to form the screws

How To Make Custom Screws Step3-Threading rolling

After the movement of the punch, the head of the screw has been completed, but the part of the screw shaft has no thread, and the forming method of the screw thread is thread rolling. Thread rolling is to use two relatively rotating thread rolling die (screwing wrench) engraved with thread teeth to extrude the cylindrical blank formed by a multi-station or heading machine in the middle.

How To Make Custom Screws Step4-Finish

After heading cold and thread rolling, the whole screw has been produced. Of course, in order to make the appearance of the screw brighter and the performance better, a surface treatment process is generally performed. Such as cleaning and passivation of stainless steel screws, surface electroplating of carbon steel screws, etc. Made of screw fasteners in various colors.

The process for a custom screw is very similar in that it has a lot of the same principles, only it requires more expensive machinery in order to screw the variations in screws. The most important thing is Normally this needs open mold tooling according to customer needs.

how to make a custom screw
How To Make Custom Screws

Why do we need a custom screw?

Why do we need a custom screw if it is more costly and complicated? It must be normal screws can not be meet our requirements from safely and performance, If you fit a screw to your product and people can get rid of randomly, that means this has a security risk, especially for outdoor products and automotive, phones, medical equipment, and aerospace, etc

  • Aesthetics – the fact that eternal screws are not rotationally perfectly aligned is much more obvious with a Philips-type recess
  • Size – the tri-lobe microstix recess used on Watch and (recently) iPhone enable thinner screw heads, which add fractions of a millimeter to overall product thickness.
  • Performance – pentalobe or (better yet) Torx-type drive recesses are more resistant to stripping (cosmetic risk to our products) and handle higher torque better

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