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Self Tapping 4 Inch Long Screws

Self Tapping 4 Inch Long Screws

Features: Long screws, Half thread screws, 4inch screws, long bolts

Materials: Stainless Steel; Finish coating: Nature

Heatfastener is a professional custom fasteners manufacturer and supplier, not only screws but also bolts and other fasteners. Material can be stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, or aluminum. etc. Metric and Inches are available. Non-standard sizes, materials, and finishes are available to order as specials

Screws generally have a full thread or half thread. But can 4 inch long screws be made into full thread or half thread? For example, can 4inch self-tapping screws do it? For 4inch self-tapping screws to be fully threaded, the screw manufacturer needs to have a large thread rolling machine, which can make the threads of the screws fully threaded.

If the 4inch self-tapping screw is made into a half thread, basically all screw manufacturers can do it, the only difference is the length of the thread. However, if the screw is made of half-threaded, it is generally necessary to pay attention to the diameter of the rod where there is no thread. If the diameter of the rod is smaller than the diameter of the thread, it is generally not necessary to open the mold; if the diameter of the rod is the same as the diameter of the thread If the thread diameter is the same, it is generally necessary to open the mold.

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