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How To Measure A Screw? As the “food of industry”, screws are indispensable connection fasteners in various industries. Although screws are small compared with other parts, they are of great significance. I have seen major economic losses or safety accidents caused by a single screw. Therefore, screw manufacturers must strictly control the specifications and dimensions of screws when producing screws. So how are screws measured? Let’s take a look.

How to Measure A screw-Step1

Measure the diameter of the screw.

The diameter of the screw refers to the screw thread. There are full threads and half threads. The full screw only needs to be measured as shown in the figure. If it is a half thread screw. Then you need to measure the diameter of the unthreaded part of the rod according to the method above.

How to Measure A Screw Step 2

Measure The Screw Head

For the measurement of head thickness, only flat head screws and external hexagon screws are used. The thickness of the head will be measured. Other countersunk head screws or round head screws and half round head screws can be produced according to national standards.

How to Measure A Screw Step 3

In Hexagonal side-to-side measurement, the outer hexagon screw needs to measure the size of the opposite side and the size of the opposite corner

How to Measure A Screw Step 4

Length measurement, the length measurement of screws is also divided into two types, the length measurement of countersunk head screws is one method, and the length measurement of other screws is another method. The length of a countersunk head screw refers to the length of the entire screw, including the height of the head, while the length of other screws is the length excluding the thickness of the head.

How to Measure A Screw Step 5

The depth of the hexagonal groove of the socket cup head is measured, and the depth of the hexagonal groove also needs to be measured. The needs of each manufacturer are different. Firmware, then it is not necessary to measure the groove depth, but if it is a non-standard part, then you need to measure the head groove depth

How to Measure A Screw Step 6

For the measurement of screw head size, in addition to standard parts, non-standard screws or special-shaped screws need to measure the head size of the screw.

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