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Electrical screws include switch box screws, electrical panel screws, electrical box screws, and electrical outlet screws that secure faceplates to switches and sockets and are invaluable when re-installing sockets during home improvement projects. They feature a fully-threaded short shank that offers a good fit with back boxes.

Receptacle screws are used to fasten outlet boxes or other receptacles to existing construction. Long screws are useful when mounting switch covers to thick surfaces, such as those with paneling. These receptacle screws feature a truss head, which is wider than both round and pan head screws.

Why Do We Need Custom Electrical Screws & Electrical Outlet Box screws?

Why do many sockets abandon universal screws and replace them with their Electrical screws and outlet box screws? The reason is very real, Sockets with wires should be regarded as a very common item in our family life, and now we have a lot of electrical appliances and various electronic products in our home. Usually, there are not enough sockets on our wall, so we need to use sockets with wires.

In the past, the sockets with cords we purchased were basically Phillips or slotted screws. This kind of screw is relatively common. Basically, we can find matching screwdrivers at home, which is very convenient when we want to turn the screws. Nowadays, the screws used in many sockets are no longer the common screws, but many different shapes of screws are used, normally it is custom Electrical screws and outlet box screws , and some of them cannot even find a matching screwdriver, especially some big brands, the screws they used are less common.

Do we know why? Actually it is to Improve the safety of corded sockets. Although a small screw will not affect the use of the socket, we have to admit that replacing the normal screw with special Electrical screws and outlet box screws can indeed improve the safety of the socket to a certain extent.

First, In the past, the screws used in sockets were very simple styles. If we accidentally remove the screws of the sockets, it is very likely that some safety accidents will occur, especially for children, there will be certain dangers. However, after replacing with special Electrical screws and outlet box screws, we cannot find the corresponding tools to remove the screws at home, but it will increase the safety.

Second, Prove that the quality of the socket has been improved. If you look at it, you will find that the sockets using such custom Electrical screws and outlet box screws on the market are basically sockets produced by big brands, while some small brands of sockets still use general screws. This is also to a certain extent. It can prove the manufacturer’s recognition of the quality of their sockets, because after replacing with this kind of screw, it will be very troublesome to repair, and only the sockets with good quality that do not need to be repaired dare to use this kind of custom screw.

Generally, manufacturers who dare to use custom screws are very confident in their products, and they are maintenance-free for life when publicizing them.

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