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What is Triangle Thread Screw?

A Triangle Thread screw is also called trilobular thread forming screw, The bottom of the screw thread has a curved triangular cross-section and is a triangle thread screw, The triangular thread is mainly used as a “connection“. In this case, the angle between the threads is 60° and the crest of the thread can be flat or rounded. The other two types of threads (square and trapezoidal) are used for the transmission of torque (or power).Heatfastener is a Triangle Thread Screw supplier and manufacturer for all your screws needs. Heat Fasteners, an industrial Triangle Thread Screw manufacturer, supplies a wide range of Triangle Thread Screw. We offer Triangle Thread Screw in inches and metrics. We can also make your Triangle Thread Screw per your size and plating specifications. Our custom Triangle Thread Screw line has many different materials as well. From carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, various grades of steel, and much more, Finish includes zinc, zinc/yellow, black oxide, and more, we can supply your Triangle Thread Screw with the material you need.

Triangle Thread Screw

Triangle thread screws Types

Triangle thread screws include triangle machine thread screws and triangle tapping screws which are taptite screws. A Triangle machine thread screw can be applied in sheet metal, triangle tapping screw is applied in aluminum and plastic accessories.

Triangle self-tapping locking screws are one kind of triangle tapping screw, Thread surface has a higher hardness. Therefore, when connecting, the screw can tap the inner hole of the bottom hole of the connector to form a connection. This type of screw features low torque and high locking.

Benefits of Triangle Thread screws

Triangular thread screws have some benefits. The initial advantage is that you can self-tapping. Some consumers face the solidity of the product is reasonably hard, such as iron and so forth. Triangular thread screws simply utilize his self-tapping buildings. Go better into the item. The second advantage is to save the nut. It does not require to be like a device thread? or screw, need to be equipped with a nut. This is a good thing for customers that want to save prices. 

The reason that we call the triangular self-tapping screws is the ingrained self-tapping and also self-locking tool due to its one-of-a-kind approximate triangular cross-section. Additionally, one of the advantages of using a triangular self-tapping screw is that it can improve the locking impact when resonance is produced with no spring pad, so the link is more dependable, as well as the expensive touching gadget and operation are saved, which can decrease the straight cost. Particularly summarize the benefits of the trilobular thread developing screw:

  • The triangular profile helps with thread forming
  • Lower the connection expense, automatically form the thread, eliminate the pre-tapping procedure, in addition, without the requirement for added locking setups such as washers, adhesives, and an additional auxiliary can decrease the possibility of looseness under vibration.
  • Reduce interference between thread lines, offering nonstop plastic flow and also enhancing connection stability
  • The connection when the vibration state is protected against is loose, and also the anti-loose result is achieved
  • the complete thread projection surface
  • Relieve thread wear and chip problems

That means The screw heats up the metal plate through a combination of axial force and the speed of screwing relatively high. Once the bolt penetrates the material, the trilobular shape causes the formation of a metric thread on the material, which can accept a screw thread metric standard if it is necessary to carry out repairs. After the Assembly with torque control, the formed hollow adapts precisely to the shape of the screw. This Assembly process eliminates the need to add other components of security, as well as the need for several steps of preparation of the component as drilling or punching. It is also possible to manufacture with or without holes prefabricated in the fixing plate. The decisive factor is the thickness of the component to fix.

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