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We’re a leading manufacturer of specialty fastening solutions for demanding industrial applications. Our area of expertise is custom titanium machine screws manufactured from high-quality Titanium materials.

We can supply titanium machine screws made from this material in standard and metric sizes with pan, flat, round, truss, oval, slotted, Phillips, Torx-6 lobe alternate, socket, and combo head styles, and more

Heatfastener is a professional custom fasteners manufacturer and supplier, not only screws but also bolts and other fasteners. Material can be stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, or aluminum. etc. Metric and Inches are available. Non-standard sizes, materials, and finishes are available to order as specials

The Benefits of Titanium Screws and its application

  • Titanium machine screws are of High specific strength. The density of titanium is 4.51g/cm³, which is higher than that of aluminum but lower than that of steel, copper, and nickel, but its strength is much higher than that of other metals. The screws made of titanium alloy are light and strong.
  • Titanium machine screws of Good corrosion resistance. Titanium and titanium alloys are stable in many media, and titanium alloy screws can be used in various corrosive environments.
  • Good heat resistance and low-temperature resistance. Titanium alloy screws can work normally in a high-temperature environment of 600 ° C and a low temperature of minus 250 ° C and can maintain their own shape without changing.
  • Non-magnetic and non-toxic. Titanium is a non-magnetic metal and will not be magnetized in a large magnetic field; it is not only non-toxic but also has good compatibility with the human body.
  • Strong anti-dumping performance. After titanium is subjected to mechanical vibration and electrical vibration, its own vibration attenuation time is the longest compared with steel and copper metals. Using this property, it can be used as a tuning fork, a vibration element for a medical ultrasonic mill, and a vibration film for an advanced audio speaker.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Strength
  • Easy to clean
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Simple to sterilize
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Improved weldability
  • Low weight
  • Strong formability
  • Magnetism resistance, in some cases 

Titanium (Ti) is an element with good corrosion resistance that makes it the perfect element to produce fasteners. These fasteners hold their own huge set of benefits and advantages. Titanium fasteners are used in numerous different industries. Some specific industries include aerospace, automotive, chemical, paper, pulp, architectural, consumer, marine, medical, and various other industries. Common grades of Titanium include

  • Titanium CP4-Grade 1
  • Titanium CP3-Grade 2
  • Titanium CP2-Grade 3
  • Titanium CP1-Grade 4
  • Titanium Grade 5
  • Titanium Grade 6
  • Titanium Grade 7
  • Titanium Grade 9
  • Titanium Grade 11
  • Titanium Grade 12
  • Titanium Grade 19
  • Titanium Grade 23
  • Titanium 6-2-4-2

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