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Anti-tamper, Anti Theft, Security screws, tamper resistant screws, and tamper proof fasteners include; security bolts as well as anti tamper screws, tamper proof nuts, etc. They come in many different types and sizes.Anti-tamper, Security Screws, or tamper resistant screws are typically used to secure goods against unwanted tampering. They are created to be tough to get rid of. There are numerous levels of “Tamper proof”. Some screws are secure enough and adequate to prevent informal disturbance, others are nearly difficult to get rid of without certain tools. “One way” security screws are made to make sure that they can not be unscrewed whatsoever, and also these are suitable for long-term mendings where no upkeep is most likely to be called for.Tamper proof screws were developed to avoid unsanctioned elimination or meddling. Their usage has enhanced in recent times to avoid burglary, disturbance with components, and also progressively to stop accessibility to the functioning parts of smartphones as well as various other devices.

tamper proof screws

Tamper proof screws types

Pin Hex head screws(Security Hex Screw): Hexagon socket screws are manufactured with an internal pin. This drive prevents removal with standard hexagon tools. Suitable for medium torque applications and is one of the most difficult to remove without the matching driver

Security Torx Screws (Pin Torx Screws or Star Drive Screws): Security Torx screws are often called Pin Torx due to the additional pin at the centre of the six-point star socket head. This center pin makes it impossible to use a standard Torx screwdriver, making this type of fastening tamper-proof

Sentinel screws: Sentinel fasteners, available as machine screws and self-tapping screws, offer a permanent security solution, fastened with a Pozi-drive screwdriver. The shape of the drive is designed to prevent the screwdriver from turning the screw in an anticlockwise motion, so they are easy to fit but very difficult to remove

Snake Eye Screws (aka Two Hole Screws, Pig Nose bolts, or screws): These versatile security screws are ideal for a wide range of applications and are often used to secure glass panels and signage in place in both indoor and outdoor locations where aesthetics are important.

Clutch head security screws: What are Clutch Head Screws? These security screws are a type of one way security fixing which is installed using a standard flat-bladed screwdriver, Again once this screw is fitted it cannot be unscrewed, making it a permanent or 1-way fixing.

Our other tamper proof fasteners include various types of security nuts and tamper proof bolt enclosures, including Shear-Nuts, Scroll-Nuts and Tufnuts which are all types of anti tamper nuts, Heatfastener can manufacture all kinds of custom tamper proof fasteners, bolts, screws.

Why Use Tamper Proof Fasteners?

Tamper proof fasteners and tamper proof screws have a lot of advantages not just because they are not easy to get rid of, but also for the below reasons

  • Manufacturers protect their interests And use their unique design anti theft screws to identify
  • Anti-theft function: Many outdoor products will use anti-theft screws. Because outdoor management has many disadvantages, the use of anti-theft screws will greatly reduce unnecessary losses. For example, anti-theft screws are widely used in outdoor guardrails.
  • It is easy to use and can be installed with a special wrench without special and complicated tools. Manufacturers will provide customers with special tools, so there is no need to worry about installation problems
  • The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the merchant designs the products that conform to their product appearance, and the beautiful design can often attract the attention of consumers.

How to Choose the Tamper Proof Screws?

There are many different types of tamper proof screws available today making it difficult to determine which is the right choice for any application. The best way to approach this challenge is to ask some relevant questions that will guide your selection.

  • What do you need tamper proof screws for?
  • Do you need security screws for permanent fixing?
  • Do you need screws that are tamper proof but removable?
  • What type of screw thread do you need?
  • What style of screw head do you need?
  • What gauge and size of screws do you need?
  • What material and finish do you require?

Anti-theft screws have a wide range of applications, such as power facilities, railway facilities, highway facilities, oil field facilities, urban lighting street lamp facilities, lamp car tires, and public fitness equipment, etc. The product has excellent performance and has been widely concerned

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