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Type: brass screws, brass bolts, CNC brass screws

Material: Brass

Finish: Natural


Standard: Inches, Metric


Copper is a metal element with good ductility, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and magnetic properties. Therefore, it is a relatively commonly used material in cables, electrical appliances, and electronic components. It can also be used as a building material and can be composed of many kinds. alloy Copper does not combine with oxygen in dry air at room temperature. After being placed in humid air for a long time, a layer of patina will slowly form on the surface of the copper. The patina can prevent further corrosion of metals because copper screws are not easy to corrode.

Copper screws include brass screws which are widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, and other fields. Copper is a kind of genus used today, mainly because it has a low melting point, is easy to remelt and refine, and can be recycled many times without damaging its mechanical properties.

Brass Bolts Vs Stainless steel bolts, Which is Better

First of all, the difference between brass bolts and stainless steel bolts is the difference in metal elements. Secondly, the different metal elements of brass bolts and stainless steel screws also lead to different characteristics of the two materials. The main feature of stainless steel screws is that they are rust-proof, Corrosion resistance, and high-temperature-resistant, while brass has good electrical conductivity. Therefore, the two have their own unique characteristics, which also determine the use scenarios and industries of these two material screws. Most stainless steel screws are mostly used in toys, electronic products, and outdoor telephone fields, while brass bolts are mostly used in electricity and electrical appliances. It is called on the equipment, and it is mostly used for conducting electricity

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