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Flat Head Machine Screws

We’re a leading flat head machine screws manufacturer of specialty fastening solutions for demanding industrial applications. Our area of expertise is custom machine screws manufactured from high-quality, Plastic, Carton steel and stainless steel, etc materials. We can also manufacture them per your specific request.

Heatfastener Specialty Manufacturing has been working with original equipment manufacturers for over 100 years, providing excellent and timely customer service. Our team of highly trained professionals utilizes only the latest technology and processing methods to manufacture all of our flat washers. We carefully monitor each washer to be sure it is made to precision. You’ll be satisfied with the end results.

Flat Head Machine screws

Machine Screws

Phillips Flat Head Machine Screws

Flat Head Screws feature Countersunk Screws, which are conical with a flat outer face and a tapering inner face. An advantage to this type of screw is that very little of the head protrudes beyond the surface, allowing it to sink into the material. Each finish offers its own benefit for varying applications. Machine Screws are commonly referred to as stove bolts, stovers, or simply screws due to their chamfered flat ends. These screws are commonly made out of stainless steel, Black Oxide Stainless Steel, or zinc coating.

Not sure what material you need? Check out our Material Guide to find the right material for your needs! If need to Know More, Visit our machine screws page

What is the difference between Flathead and pan head machine screws?

Pan head machine screws are machine screws with heads that are flat on top and rounded on the sides. They’re similar to oval head machine screws, which also have rounded sides; the difference is that oval head screws have a rounded top, too, as opposed to a flat top, and they have tapered bases.

Flat Head Machine Screw Dimensions Size Chart

Thread Size(d)M1.6M2M2.5M3M3.5M4M5M6M8M10
Flat Head Machine screws

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As a 20-year industry experience manufacturer with a factory equipped with precision machines, we can provide, from consultation to production, a one-stop solution for you.

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