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A Square U-Bolt is a commercial bolt formed like the letter U, with 2 threaded arms or legs prolonging from a vertical base. The threaded ends are made for usage with washers and also screws, yet they are occasionally combined with a crosspiece that covers both threaded arms of the screw. The crosspiece enhancement reinforces weight-bearing abilities, which is optimal for applications that call for a lot more durable assistance. Square U bolts are designed to fix an item to a box section structure or trunking, Typically, Square u-bolts are usually used for attaching the product to a square-shaped post and can also be embedded in concrete and used as anchor bolts, or used for secure heavy equipment, they find themselves in use within the suspension of metal channels and ductwork.

Square U Bolts are typically used for applications such as:

  • Conduit Support
  • Engine Components
  • Roof and Foundation Anchors
  • Cable and Wire Fastening
  • Piping Support

Square U bolt is available in fasteners stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc plating, and any customized requirements.Both available in Inches and Metrics

Metric M4, M6,M8, M10,M12,M16 and more are available

Square U Bolts Dimensions Sizes

square u bolts
Nominal Diameter(d)5/165/165/163/83/83/83/83/83/83/83/83/83/83/83/8
LNominal Size2.6884.6886.688222444666888
nNominal Size2222.6254.6256.6252.6254.6256.6254.6256.6258.6254.6256.6258.625
square u bolts

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